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Western Flyer vs. Tri-Star vs. A30

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    Western Flyer vs. Tri-Star vs. A30

    Hello Everyone! This is my very first post ever and have admired all the content, discussions photos, etc. that I have encountered in this forum. I have also learned packing tips and most importantly the love for TB products. I recently bought my first TB bag: the Synik 22 in deep blue ballistic with Halcyon iberian interior. I absolutely am obsessed with it and the quality. I am looking to bring on another TB bag and have been wrestling with the Tri-Star vs. the WF or should I just buy the A30 due to packing styles? I bring some technology occasionally but not on every trip. I am a hair stylist and do travel several times a year taking classes and going to conferences and occasionally bring tools like scissors, razor, blowdryer, etc with me. Also on the rare occasion do bring a 13” laptop. I do bring phone, iPad or kindle along with my planner as I run my own business on every flight / trip. My packing style is some rolling and some packing flat. I usually roll my underwear and sox and pack flat my shirts slacks, etc. I utilize the eagle creek medium packing folder and some of their packing cubes. However I would most likely get the TB cubes to stay with the system of TB. Also, I would use this bag for personal travel as well. So I am looking for something that can accommodate a weeks worth of clothes possibly but would be willing to do laundry if needed. I appreciate any feed back. Another note: I am considering maybe a bag with the burnt orange color and northwest sky halcyon interior or even the Mars red w/ northwest sky Halcyon interior. Nebulous gray and island? Does anyone have it and what do they think of it in person? Thanks so much in advance!
    Best Always, Kobalt1975

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    I liked the idea of the WF and the TS. I found my Eagle Creek medium garment folder (which I love ) was a tight fit in the WF, but would fit. I wished that the sections were just 1/2 inch larger. The TS is 1 inch larger, but the sections are flatter, which wasn't great for bulky items. The extra sections also made the TS heavier. I don't like the front pockets on the WF and the TS. They're too flat. I want a bit of depth to the front pockets. I'm hoping the new Trinity bag will be what I'm looking for in this style bag, but we don't have any photos of the new bag yet.

    I found the A30 to be a bit too small for me. Everything I want to pack doesn't quite fit in the 2-d space of the A30. I actually like the A45 much better because of the 2-D packing space is larger. I really liked the RoadBuddy 36, because it fit my Eagle Creek packing cubes and garment folder perfectly, but that bag has been retired. Oh, my Eagle Creek medium packing folder will not fit in the A30 at all, but it will fit in the A45 if I unzip one of the interior walls.

    Your mileage will vary, of course. When in doubt, order all the bags. Test pack them. Then return what doesn't work for you. If you time it right, you can do this and get a refund before the charges show up on your credit card bill.
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      I wouldn't think the TS or WF would be good for carrying things like hairdryers. If you like the Synik, why not spring for the 30 version?


        I like the A30 and WF as options... you could put your bulky hair dryer & tools and laptop into the SN22 and all the clothes into a WF or A30...
        The WF is easier with flatter packing and the A30 works for 3D packing or flat packing, depending.

        As BWeaves said, if you're in the US you can fairly easily/cost effectively buy & test pack... just be sure to read the FAQ for how to do that
        I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


          Welcome to the obsession! I am wondering if some of your tools like scissors may make it necessary for you to have checked luggage on a plane flight. That can change not only your choice of bag but also whether you need a hard-sided suitcase. Just wondering......