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MacBook Air + Size 6 Brain Cell + Incase neoprene case?

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    MacBook Air + Size 6 Brain Cell + Incase neoprene case?

    Has anyone tried to fit a MacBook Air in the Incase neoprene sleeve into the size 6 Brain Cell they had left over from a previous 13" MacBook? I'd be most grateful for your guidance: will this combo fit?

    Many thanks in advance for your help!

    Haven't done that, but I have put an MBA in its neoprene Incase in a Ristretto. It is a very snug fit but it does work. If the fit in the 6 Brain Cell is snug already, I'd be hesitant to think it would work with the neoprene case, too. One issue is that the neoprene does not slide well, so it's difficult to fit because of that as well as size.

    (I don't remember and haven't looked lately - is the 6 Brain Cell the one tombihn sells for the MBA? If so, I have it somewhere and can test the combo you've listed if you really want to use that configuration.)


      Thanks, FM. The Size 6 is for the white plastic MacBook and the Air's a little thinner than that. I've ordered the Air so I'll have the answer soon enough. Was just hoping for help deciding whether to order the Incase neoprene sleeve as well. Again, many thanks!


        My question answered

        Am traveling with my new MacBook Air in an InCase neoprene sleeve which, it turns out, fits perfectly in my size 6 Brain Cell.

        An added benefit is that now when I go through security I can take the Air out of the Brain Cell but keep it in the InCase sleeve—a poor man's Checkpoint Flyer!

        I brought this up before, but redesigning the Brain Cell by removing the metal snaps and outside mesh pocket would yield, I believe, a TSA-compliant laptop bag for the rest of us.

        By the way, for those considering a MacBook Air: I spent a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of investing so much in a Mac that was relatively underpowered, etc. Now that I've owned it for a week it's perfect and
        convenient in so many ways the specs can't capture but that dramatically increase my productivity. In that sense it's like Tom Bihn bags—the cost doesn't really make sense until you road test the product.