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    I also prefer the look of the standard Synik and Synapse bags. I’m thinking about trying to add a small simple loop to the sides just like the webbing on the back for the waste strap...but curious if anyone else has successfully made any other mods that might work.


      Synik 30...Impressed!

      Originally posted by BigBadD View Post
      It is certainly one of the advantages of the Guide’s Edition versions to have some external accessory straps, and I can well appreciate the interest in having some attachments for items like tripods. But personally, and perhaps I might well be in a minority, the Guide’s Edition styling and particular coyote colour is just not my taste. I’m not sure though that I would want the clean look of my other TB bags to be spoilt by attachment straps just for occasional use... Some kind of discrete mounting point which could allow external optional straps/accessories could be an interesting and useful feature in future TB bag designs?
      The heritage style lash points (combined with the contrasting trim) are very divisive. Personally, I don’t mind them, but BigBadD makes a good point in implying that the lash strap loops add not only functionality, but a very specific aesthetic.

      Why the case for exterior loops? Pack space is consumed VERY quickly when you try to cram in a large, bulky item like a sleeping bag, tent, thick jacket. It’s much easier to strap these outside the bag and retain the interior capacity.

      It’s also impossible at present to carry hiking poles or a tripod in a traditional S19/S25/SN22/SN30 without leaving the main compartment unzipped and having them poke out the top. This leaves the bag open, and if the poles or tripod are dirty, forcing the user to mix in a dirty item with other items in the bag.

      I’m a huge advocate for adding exterior storage options, and if they can come up with a pack that has these (better still if it’s an in-line item regularly stocked) they’ll have my order in a heartbeat.

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        I posted an attempt at adding lash points here.