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Why no inside pockets in Brain Bag?

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    For my phone, I use a cork pouch attached to a lanyard.

    I have a really big smart phone and it fits, the pouch has been used for at least
    3 different phones and looks like new (of course).

    This way I can transfer my phone from my Cafe Bag to my Swift or just take it by itself.

    I don't think the BB needs pockets, Kits, Pouches, Stuff Sacks and Snake Charmers can always be used on top of things.
    I have the first three and they are great to put things you want quick access to.

    If you are a light packer (unlike me), you can add a Convertible Packing Cube on top of the compartment when it is only half packed.

    I agree that the Freudian Slip is the the best to avoid sloppiness in the paper area.
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      Originally posted by gmich View Post

      I don't know how big your phone is, but I have a Blackberry Curve and it fits perfectly in a large Timbuk2 holster -- and there are no holes on the bottom at all (except a tiny one for a headphone cord).
      I just checked - it turns out that they don't carry any of the regular holsters at the Timbuk2 store here in San Francisco, just the "2-way". The photo doesn't show that it has that space at the bottom, but I'm *sure* I saw it. I'll have to go back and check.


      - Tim


        big fan of side pockets on any bag.

        from quick access to gloves and a hat in winter, to storing a wet umbrella, to a beverage bottle - side pockets are a necessity.


          Originally posted by puddin View Post
          big fan of side pockets on any bag.

          from quick access to gloves and a hat in winter, to storing a wet umbrella, to a beverage bottle - side pockets are a necessity.
          You could attach a Large Stuff Bag on the side of the Brain Bag for that purpose.

          I always use the Large Cafe Bag with the Brain Bag and this is where I store the hats (all year long) and gloves in winter. I have a cotton thermal bottle holder clipped to the outside of the Cafe Bag that I use in summer.

          The back pocket of the Large Cafe Bag holds the occasional umbrella.
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            Originally posted by Tom Bihn View Post
            I'm working on the next generation of Brain Bag, and will be taking into account your ideas. Seems like a pocket or two would not preclude the use of a Freudian Slip, but rather just give you more choices.
            FYI - don't for one moment imagine you should have waited to buy your Brain Bag - this new one is still, at best, months away. And if you poke around the forums you'll realize I've been talking about a new Brain Bag for quite some time now.
            I am curious if we are any closer to the next generation of the Brain Bag? Is there anything on the horizon at this point?


              I'd be interested in an update on a new and improved Brain Bag as well. And I vote for a couple inner pockets near the top front of either main compartment. Unless you're filling it up with clothes, that space tends to be wasted.


                What I would really like is a giant BB-sized Synapse. Lots of organization/pouches in a bigger size.


                  I would vote for a Big Synapse or a Synapsed Brain Bag but...

                  I like the original Brain Bag just the way it is, Freudian Slip(s), Large Organizer Pouches (vertical opening ones would be nice), the Backpack Packing Cubes for Aeronaut and Tristar and the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag can give as much light Dyneema inner pockets as one need.

                  For the outside pockets, one can clip one, Regular or Large Stuff Sack on each side using the compression straps.

                  The straps between the two front pockets were engineered to hold an umbrella, it could also work for a water bottle and a Stuff Sack as an holder.

                  Most important to me, all of those dividers are removable and I can use my Brain Bags as maximum carryons either stuffed with casual clothes or two laptops and various cables or for nicely folded dress clothes and accessories or for a combination of all of the above and more...