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Raffle Time! (ended)

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    Raffle Time! (ended)

    Hi folks,

    on behalf of the TB crew I am happy to announce that we’re having a raffle here at the Forums! TB is giving away several of the brand new V4 flannel masks!

    To make it entertaining and beneficial for all of us you have to do the following to enter:
    • Reply to this post by Monday September 21st 2020 at 2pm PST (Pacific Time) and share something you’ve appreciated lately: a thing, a book, a show, a bag, a person, a quote, etc.
    • Furthermore, if you’re among the lucky ones and win one of the masks (actually, you will receive one in each size, i.e. two!) please post a true-to-your-experience review on the V4 page and in the Forums.

    As usual with TB giveaways, Countron (a computer program) will select the winner randomly from everyone who replies to this post during the specified time.

    And if you’re not among the winners stay tuned as there might be more giveaways coming up in the near future!

    Remember! The raffle closes on Monday September 21st 2020 at 2pm PST (Pacific Time). The winner will be notified through PM.

    Good luck
    ...spread joy in your neighbourhood (and not Corona!)
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    Yahoo! Raffle!

    I'm not sure of the origin, but this came up in conversation lately and I thought it was pretty great: If you come across an asshole in the morning, you've come across an asshole. If you come across assholes all day... you're probably the asshole.

    Happy raffling!

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      A flannel mask? Maybe that's the answer to the rash I get from masks. I'd like to take advantage of this opportunity. So, something I appreciate.

      There are many things but I'll share time spent with my hubs. Watching youtube videos together. Making pizza together. Sitting on the rocks along the river debating whether enough of them are exposed for me to hop across without splooshing. (I wimped out)


        I would like to be a part of this!

        For me, I've really been appreciating old friendships forged many, many years ago (many over a decade now) by reconnecting with people I haven't talked to in a very long time. It's been a really wonderful experience talking to friends I fell out of touch with, catching up on life events and sharing nostalgic moments from times past.


          A flannel mask sounds very interesting, especially as we approach cooler months.

          Over the past week, I've learned to appreciate the resilience of people who have no reason to be resilient. I work with lower-income individuals, and the amount of pluck and determination that they've shown throughout the pandemic is mind-boggling; I'm not sure that I could be as strong as someone who keeps on fighting, even when everything in their life is broken.


            I appreciate being able to go camping in beautiful areas of Montana. I never tire of the beauty of the mountains.
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              What a generous opportunity! Lately, I've been appreciating my wonderful, beautiful children (ages 20, 18 & 16). I always appreciate them but I've been struck recently by how much respect, love and humour they show to my husband and me and to each other. My eldest son is away for his sophomore year at college (with his S25!) and he came home spontaneously this last weekend to be able to see his little sister be on homecoming court and watch his brother play. It was a big deal to them and he knew it, so he figured out a way to get home. We had a fire at our house after the game and the three of them immediately grouped up together to laugh and talk and just be near each other. Almost makes me cry thinking about how much they love each other. All were masked up the whole time, BTW!
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                Raffle Time! (Ends 21SEP2020)

                I’ve appreciated the support of my fiancée, who not only financially helped me with very expensive car repairs, but helped get me to and from work while I was without a car for almost an entire month while mine was in the shop.

                She didn’t ever ask for anything in return.

                One of the things she likes to collect from the places we visit are souvenir pressed pennies. It has been a tough year for her personally: not only is she significantly down hours at work, but we had to postpone our wedding a full year because of the pandemic. I wanted to do a nice thing for her to show I was appreciative. I learned pressed pennies were first made at the 1893 World’s Columbia’s Exposition, here in our hometown (Chicago). Amazingly, I was able to track down an original pressed penny, made at the fair in 1893, and gifted it to her with the hope “she could use a lucky penny.”

                I’m grateful for a lot of things, but above them all, her.

                Also grateful for the magical power of the internet, and its ability to help locate 127-year-old currency!

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                  Is this available for international addresses as well?

                  I'm especially appreciative lately of Whatsapp-I'd never used it before last week, but I just moved to Scotland from the US. Being able to easily keep in touch with my family, especially my grandma, has been a lifesaver during this quarantine period.
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                    This is great!

                    I'm grateful to still have our home and that loved ones are safe from the wildfires burning around Oregon.


                      My son got married over Labor Day weekend and I appreciated how much the parents (all 7 of us!) came together to make this event happen. My son is not allowed to travel more than 150 miles form the base he's stationed at, so we up and moved the wedding to Virginia!


                        Another great raffle.

                        One appreciated thing during past lockdown and still regular home working is having a wonderful bean to cup coffee maker at home. Simple pleasures... and more than justified its price.


                          More than anything right now, I'm appreciative of my 2 dogs. I live by myself with these 2 mutts, and without them I would have a much harder time dealing with these times. From licking my face and showing me love when I lost my job due to the pandemic to just straight up keeping me company whilst in isolation, I love Jose and Carl so much!


                            One thing from my travelling life I've been able to apply to my quarantine life is packing small; while my co-workers lugged monitor arms and printers home when the office closed, I had learned to work on the road with nothing but a laptop. With exceptional weather for the first 2 months of the pandemic, I got the the joy of working under a shade tree in the backyard instead of an office.

                            Can't wait for fall to do it again!


                              I appreciate all the hard working essential workers around the world, who have risked their lives to save others during this pandemic. They are truly heroes! Thank you to all at TB for offering this giveaway!