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Calling all owners and lovers of the Guide's Pack

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    Calling all owners and lovers of the Guide's Pack

    Hey there,

    If you bought a Guide's Pack, you should have received an email from Tom Bihn, saying that they'd donate $10 USD to Leave No Trace.

    I think that's a great initiative. I've written a review, and I hope that if you have the opportunity to do so, you will too.

    I also wanted to take this opportunity to hopefully convince TB that there are enough of us out there that love the Guide's Pack, and also want a matching set of Pockets. I bought my Guide's Pack in Navy early this year, together with the launch of the Guide's Edition Syniks, and I don't think I've seen the Left, Right, and Leads Pockets ever listed as available in Navy since then. Now, the Leads Pocket has been retired, and I've been told that the Left and Right pockets will no longer be made.

    I fully understand that there are business and production considerations for such decisions. From what I've gleaned in a post and comments from the TB Facebook group, it seems the bag itself is popular, but the Pockets decidedly less so.

    However, I don't think that it makes sense to keep the Guide's Pack around (TB has said it won't be retired, fingers crossed!), but then frustrate existing owners or new potential buyers by not being able to obtain the matching Pockets.

    I really hope that TB will see that there's a demand for the Left / Right / Leads Pockets, and start producing matching them again in the near future, and of course, keep the Ice Axe Strap and Lash Straps around as well.

    If you feel the same as me, I hope that you will chime in here and let them know.

    Thank you!

    Hi roychen,

    thank you for this post! I am sharing your love for the Guide‘s Pack and I support your initiative for Navy side pockets! I am lucky enough to have ordered my GP when both, the Lead‘s Pocket and the plain Side Pocket were available in Navy. But I was always considering another plain Side Pocket in Navy for occasions when two plain Side Pockets would make more sense than using the Lead‘s Pocket (e.g. for carrying more water bottles). However, my feeling is that the GP is a bag for aficionados and not one of the best sellers in the TB portfolio. Thus, I think that chances are rather low for a return of Navy side pockets but maybe we‘ll find more supporters here! Crossing all my fingers...
    ...spread joy in your neighbourhood (and not Corona!)
    current bags: Smart Alec, Guide's Pack, Guide's Edition S25, Luminary 15, Daylight Backpack, Aeronaut 45, Tri-Star, Road Buddy 36, Daylight Briefcase, Small Yeoman Duffel, bits and pieces


      bartleby, thank you for your support! I know you love your Guide's Pack, and I've enjoyed the many fine pictures you posted of it. I also enjoyed your thoughtful review of the GP.

      And yes, I'm crossing all my fingers as well that TB will hear us! We can always hope