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Best Pouch for Small IFAK

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    Best Pouch for Small IFAK

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to the world of Tom Bihn. I just received my Navy Blue Synik22 with an HLT and Freudian Slip. So far I love them all but due to lockdown I am not currently commuting. Hoping things open up soon so I can really get use out of them. Anyways, does anyone have any recommendations on the right pouch to use for a small First Aid Kit? Nothing big just some basics. There are so many to choose from I am wondering about recommendations.


    Welcome to the Forums synac !

    The First Aid Pouch can carry quite a lot.

    If you're trying to carry just some basic band aids, medicines, etc., these are all good options:

    -Mini or Small Ghost Whale Pouch
    -Mini or Small Organizer Pouch
    -Mini, Small, or Pen/Pencil Clear Organizer Pouch
    -Small Mesh Organizer Pouch
    -Mini Q-Kit

    My preference for a small kit in my everyday carry (EDC) is a Ghost Whale or the mini Q-Kit because I like the 3D aspect - I tend to carry those small vials of ibuprofen, motion sickness pills, etc. If I'm combining more things like nail clippers, eyeglass cloth, contact lens rewetting drops, etc., I would use a Cubelet (bigger than most of the OPs, but smaller than the First Aid Kit) or the Small Q-KIT (which is noticeably bigger than the Mini).

    Some things are out of stock for a while due to the pandemic, so that may impact your choice. Many people find all sorts of uses for Organizer Pouches (OPs) and Ghost Whale (GW) pouches regardless...

    If you're in the US and only getting a couple pouches, the checkout system will offer USPS shipping options which is often less expensive than the UPS (Note: USPS availability is based on total value of the purchase and size). If you're outside the US, I would wait to combine several items due to the cost of shipping.

    Hope that helps - I'm sure others will chime in with their favorites.
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    I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


      Thank you G42. That is very helpful. I am going to go with the Mini Q-Kit. I took a look at it after reading your response and I think it will work well


        Tom and the Crew (people who work with him at the factory) made two pouches just for first aid. One in red and one in blue.

        If you need something smaller, the Clear Organizer Pouches, which I view as simple little portable clear pockets in multiple sizes.

        The same Pouches are available in all fabric, if you prefer.

        The last dot, in the page linked above is a video that explains everything about Organizer Pouches and the Q-Kits.

        Another is the Clear Organizer Wallet. "Inside the Clear Organizer Wallet are two Ultrasuede® dividers with contoured tops (similar to those of some file folders) that help you navigate between the three sections inside the wallet. Available in one size.

        I prefer TB Clear Pouches, because this way, I know if I need to refill the content.

        If you use travel size, over the counter medications bottles, and other items that are the size of a lip balm or lipstick, you might prefer the Q-Kits or the Ghost Whales, both Pouches come in different sizes.

        The Q-Kits are really good for things like keys, hair accessories, erasers or change.

        The Ghost Whales are fairly new and I don't have much experience with them, except the larger one that I use to protect paperback books.

        Ghost Whales in colorful recycled content fabric with black zippers

        Ghost Whales in black with colorful zippers.

        Hope this help and others will chime in to share their experience with various TB Pouches.


          I just use a super mini ghost whale in mars red.

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            I use a mini Ghost Whale for First Aid.


              Thank you all for your opinions! I appreciate it


                I use a Mini GWOP.

                It’s the perfect height to fit standard size adhesive bandages, and you can unzip just the top edge for easy access without spilling the contents out.

                When you need to get at everything or reload it, you can unzip it fully.

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