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One and only Tom Bihn Bag

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    One and only Tom Bihn Bag

    Hi guys and gals,

    Im new to the forums but have been a long time lurker. So I recently decided the larger backpacks are the right ones for me I’ve always wanted to make the s19 work for me but I think it’s just a touch too small for me.

    I’m 5’9 and about 200 lbs. I’ve finally settled on a two bag combo.

    The s25 for trips with the family on weekends and my general EDC and a s30 for longer trips and and also can double duty as a EDC bag.

    My question for all you guys is, is owning both the S25 and the S30 redundant. Should I just use one for all of the listed activities?

    If you guys had to cut your collection to just one bag. Which one would it be?

    My ultimate goal is to just reduce my bag collection to one bag. I truly think the s30 or the s25 can fit that roll.

    Would love to hear any thoughts or opinions you guys may have!! Thanks in advance!

    Welcome to the forums and great questions!

    I have the Synapse 19, 25 and Synik 30. I would actually recommend a smaller and larger of whatever series you decide rather than a Synapse 25 and Synik 30. It would be hard to decide which one to use if the 25 and 30 were your choices. I only purchased the 30 because I wanted the full clamshell opening for camera gear (with insert).

    If you plan on carrying a laptop a lot and want simplicity, the new compartment on the Synik is a nice upgrade to the design - otherwise I would save your money and get a set of the Synapse model. On trips where I have not taken camera gear, I still reach for the 25 as the go-to bag. The 19 is the EDC. My MacBook goes in a TB sleeve regardless of which Synapse it is riding that day. I purchased the frame insert for the Synapses when they came out and it is nice to prevent the bag from expanding the back section when using it full. Removing them takes seconds.

    Hope this helps.


      There is no such thing as “redundant” with TB bags.

      Many of us own certain bags in more than one color, bags in all available sizes, and the Synapse/Synik combo.

      Of course, you know that you will soon need shoulder bags to go with your S25 + S30. If you want to stay with the smaller/larger theme, the Co-Pilot/Pilot, SCB/MCB/Icon, DLBC/MB are great bag combinations.

      Enjoy and build happy memories with your bags.


        Hey there, welcome! I’m a new register yet long time lurker myself.

        I’ve only owned the Synik 30 but as I understand it the bag improves upon the Synapse model. I must say, I’m nearly 31 (October birthday woohoo) and have been searching for the perfect pack my whole life and I feel I’ve found it in the Synik 30. I’m 6’2” and 225 pounds and it’s not that big at all. It’s my daily EDC to work and I’m an elementary school teacher so it’s always packed out, especially in COVID times. iPad Pro 11”, 15” think pad, 24 OZ Stanley thermos, 32 OZ Hydroflask, and accessories listed below. I can pack out fully inside and all external pockets as well as squeezing my scrubs in a stuff sack after work to wash later. The bag just delivers. Holds up well in Seattle rain too
        I reccomend the handy little thing 2, snake charmer small, couple stuff sacks, and a couple ghost whales. Everything is so well in its place that is just makes me happy. Anyway, that’s my spiel about the Synik 30! Hope it helps.


          If you truly want only one bag and the extra cost & weight don't matter, then go for the larger bag. Most TB bags look good underfilled and lurk around unobtrusively.... that way, you'd have the space if you need it.

          For myself, I own more backpacks than I have backs or limbs
          I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


            I think it's redundant. Honestly if you found the s19 to be blatantly too small just grab the s30 and call it good.


              I own both a S25 (guides edition) and a S30, so my advice would be don’t buy both if it’s about the size. I realize that by the numbers the 30 is bigger, but I don’t see where that extra 5 liters is. That’s not to say I’m dissatisfied with either, or with owning both (they are both great, and really different aesthetically for me) but if I were to own one it’d be the S30 for the built in laptop compartment and clamshell opening. If those features don’t matter to you, save some money and get the S25.

              I use the S30 daily (and I’m only 5’5”) and then LOVE that when I go away for the weekend I can simply throw a few clothes in the main compartment and be set for travel. Love it...


                If only owning one, get the Synik 30, I recommend halcyon fabric, just under pack it when you need a smaller bag, you can also remove the frame sheet if needed to slim down.

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                  Thank you all! I most definitely think I will be getting the synik and maybe give the S25 a chance in the future. One of the problems with having too many choices is choice paralysis.

                  But thank you all!


                    I know this is probably too late to be helpful but if you don't need a clamshell, you might also consider the Brain Bag. It's one of my all-time favorites for work EDC and I especially love how the straps cinch it down when it's not as full, so you never have TOO much space.