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The Ursa Shadow Guide 33

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    The Ursa Shadow Guide 33

    I was meaning to post a review in October 2020 but work and other concerns got in the way. So here it is: the Tom Bihn Shadow Guide 33 in Ursa colour.

    In case you wanted to know what the colour Ursa (and the Shadow Guide 33) looks like.

    I believe the smaller Shadow Guide 23 is now on pre-order, and the SG33 is in stock in both Black 525 and Ursa.

    Personally I think the Shadow Guide 33 is a lovely backpack. Very useful if you need a big space to carry stuff. There isn’t as much by way of pockets and organization, compared to say, the Synik 30, but there is a useful laptop sleeve inside.

    I like the SG33 because my main laptop is a 16-inch MBP. Which fits. In fact, the Shadow Guide 33 supports more laptop sizes than even my Synik 30.

    The baby brother Shadow Guide 23 is more for smaller laptops like the 13-inch MBP or MBA.

    The Edgeless Shoulder Straps are comfy, the back support is firm and the overall look is very modern. I can totally see this used as a travel bag, either One-Bagging it or with an accompanying side bag like a DLBC or Co-Pilot.

    The aesthetic is more modern than previous Tom Bihn bags, which may please some fans looking for a more urban look. I think the Design Lab experiments are very welcome.

    Ursa as a colour surprised me. I didn’t expect it to look as nice as it does in real life. I like it so much, I ordered a new Paragon Guide’s Edition in Ursa. Like Wilderness Green, Ursa has become one of my favourite new colours from the TB range.

    You can see Wilderness in the photo above, showcasing the Wilderness Guide’s Edition Synik 22, the Ursa Shadow Guide 33 and the Mars Red Icon tote.

    Now all I need is to be able to travel again and really use these bags thoroughly.

    @mrbrown on Twitter, happy owner of a Black Original Halcyon A45, Navy and Burnt Orange A30s, Navy Tristar, Navy WF, Navy NFTD, Navy DLBC, Navy Pilot, Navy and Burnt Orange Co-Pilots, Navy, Burnt Orange, Nordic and Black Halcyon Side Effects, Burnt Orange, French Blue and Nordic Halcyon DLBPs, Linen SCB, Nordic Halycon S25, Nordic Halycon HsJ, Burnt Orange Maker's Bag, and Burnt Orange, Navy and Original Halcyon S19s (yes three, because they are THAT awesome).