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Customer Service and Order Changes

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    Customer Service and Order Changes

    This is just a note for any considering their first purchase. I am a new customer to Tom Bihn. I have no huge track record of purchases with them. That said, I am treated like I am an immensely important customer. I am just amazed and gladdened by the level of attention I have received.

    I ordered a cafe bag. After placing my order, I decided I may have made a mistake and wanted to ask a question about the bags and the answer might change my choice of color. I called and left a message in Washington. I also emailed my info and concern to the order change address provided in my confirmation of purchase email.

    Well, Casey called me back within about an hour of the email and resolved my matter (I did switch a color after all). That was on Friday, the day after New Years. On Monday, I get a call from Tom Bihn himself, answering my phone message left at the company. Where else do you get that kind of attention? I'm not a school buying 1000 bags, I'm one guy ordering a cafe bag with some pouches and key straps. The only order I had before this is a Horizontal Freudian Slip, and that's still in transit from UPS ( I had gotten a call from Tom Bihn himself alerting me their would be a short delay in shipping due to a run being done in the factory - I was impressed then, and my impression has just grown). Also, at all times I was treated as a person, by people, real people. Warm, involved people who have a real concern that my order is done right. I am very much impressed by the level of attention I got.

    I am excited about my purchases coming but I am also excited that I am doing business with a company like Tom Bihn. Cost more? Sure. But I get a whole lot more too. I'll be getting superior products (all those independent reviews can't be wrong), the best customer service bar none, doing biz with an American company that pays a real wage and gives benefits. I also took a look on eBay for Tom Bihn bags. I found a few. The resale value I saw was amazing. I saw a never used old style Buzz bag (smaller dimensions than the current Buzz) that probably went for $90 when originally purchased (I checked the Internet Archive) go for $81. Tom Bihn bags seem to hold their value better than cars.

    I am real happy to be dealing with Tom Bihn. If you are reading this because you are considering taking the plunge and doing your first buy at Tom Bihn, then I hope you found this useful. If you are already a customer, I guess I was preaching to the choir.

    I am already planning my next purchase (my adult-returning-to-college budget says sometime in March). Tom Bihn is obviously on my short list of stores to shop. I also shop at Levenger (usually at the outlet when I visit Florida), Orvis, ebags, eBay, and Overstock. I like good things at a fair price. Tom Bihn's lifetime warranties, durable, reliable design and construction are great value. I am chomping at the bit for my bag to arrive. For me, luggage as a term covers the gamut from my wallet to a steamer trunk. I can see most of my luggage needs eventually being addressed via Tom Bihn. As someone who considers luggage to be a critical item, its nice to have found my bag mecca.
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    I have had similar experiences with several of the Tom Binh staff. They are awesome. And, as you experienced, they made me feel like I was a VIP rather than just your average jane doe.
    Even got a voice mail from Tom himself! (I treasured it like it was from a rock star, the Dali Lama, or Carl Kassel until my fingers moved quicker than my brain one day & I accidentally deleted it.)
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      Hear, hear! I have had several outstanding encounters with Tom and the crew! I remember that I botched my first order online, and called after hours to leave a message... tom himself answered the phone and took care of the fix for me.

      My second experience was even better. My sister knows nothing about the company or the products, but ordered a gift certificate for me for for my birthday. Apparently there was a problem with shipping gift certificates for the holidays... Tom himself called her (not once, but twice!) to make sure that everything was in order. She was completely amazed. On my most recent order (a brain bag... arriving Thursday!) Casey helped me with a change to my order with the same speed and courtesy.

      Everyone at Tom Bihn goes above and beyond the call for the customer, and that's one of the reasons we love doing business here. It's the total package of quality and service.

      Excuse me for rushing off... I need to go sit by my doorstep now and look for the UPS driver.
      Bob P.
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