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Just Ordered ID - a humble request

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    Just Ordered ID - a humble request

    I've been admiring your bags for months and waited it out until I got my new 15" Powerbook. Figured this investment was worthy of a proper bag/case.

    Finally took the plunge and ordered a Brain Cell ahead of the ID. Can't wait to see it!

    I noticed ID's are backordered; perhaps you're amidst a new cycle of production. If so, can I slip in a humble request for a customized color scheme?

    BLACK - TITANIUM - Periwinkle.

    I'm a NYC commuter so I'm cautious of getting too "colorful" on color schemes so I preordered the black-black-steel. Then I saw the Titanium and thought that would be a perfect complement to the Powerbook!

    Are these possible?
    Again, I'm looking forward to the ID (and B Cell) as much as I looked forward to 4G ipods.

    You'll love your ID -- it's a great bag.

    I do like the idea of a Black/Black/Color ID, though. Maybe we will make a few of those in the next batch.

    (Edited because apparently I'm on crack and we can make the ID in Black/Black/Titanium )
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      black/black/color id!

      Originally posted by Darcy
      You'll love your ID -- it's a great bag.

      The Titanium fabric is used only on the
      Mitre and is too lightweight for the exterior of the ID. Sorry! I do like the idea of a Black/Black/Color ID, though. Maybe we will make a few of those in the next batch.
      Which few do you think you'll make?
      If I can, I'd like to request:
      Black/Black/Silver; or

      I think the former would be a nice dark/light contrast; I think the latter adds a great color combo splash -- black/"green" -esque.

      Can I get one of these? I hope I get lucked out and do (also hope that I may get one of the earlier shipments off the assembly line)


        Sadly the spruce fabric is the 1000 denier nylon and therefore too heavy for lining the ID.
        We could try to make one using the Titanium, but I can't promise that that will work for this application.
        Unless I hear otherwise, we'll slip in a Black/Black/Titanium ID into this next batch - we'll let you know if works out.


          Black/Black/Titanium sounds great. I'm definitely interested in snagging one if it does work out. Look forward to the updates!