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Advice on switching from wheeled carryon?

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    Advice on switching from wheeled carryon?

    Hi all,

    I am flying to Edinburgh in March to visit my son for two weeks. I'll be changing planes at JFK and taking a shuttle from the airport, then walking around the city. (I might also take the bus). I will need to check a bag (it will have items in it for my son), so it's not crucial that I pack everything that I need in the carryon. But I am taking a Macbook (I've got a BrainCell for that), one or two cameras, and I'd also like to have my toiletries and some clothes in the carryon in case my checked bag is delayed or lost. For my carryon bag, I am considering three options: 1. My ID, but I don't think it will be big enough; 2. an LL Bean rolling vertical duffel, which is a roomy, lightweight bag with lots of pockets; or 3. purchasing a new Aeronaut perhaps.

    I know this whole wheeled vs. non-wheeled discussion has been had in these forums before, but I wondered if people would "weigh in" again with their opinions. (Sorry, but I couldn't resist the bad pun.) I love rolling bags for the ease in navigating the airport, and because the weight is not on your back and shoulders. However, they can be difficult to hoist into overhead compartments (if you can find the space on crowded flights). And if you have to climb stairs, go through turnstiles, or roll them over cobblestones, forget it. I will have to do all those things. So I'm seriously considering getting an Aeronaut, but I'd like to hear what it's like to carry one. I'm female, 5'8". And I might need to get my Macbook in there as well, although I do have the option on my flight of carrying a second laptop bag.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

    hi there!

    i think you've addressed a lot of your points, but i will also provide you with my feedback.

    i used to travel with a rolling suitcase that you can carry on board.

    as you mentioned, it isn't a lot of fun when you have to navigate up and down stairs, through escalators which are preceded by those bars through which you must fit before you board the escalators, over cobblestone streets, onto a bus or train. they also take up more room in the overhead compartment of an airplane for the packing space they provide.

    i bought an aeronaut when it was first released, and this is what i carry now whether i go on a trip for a long weekend or on a two week trip. even when i have travelled with my wife and son where we will check in a suitcase for a weekend trip to canada, i still carry the aeronaut onboard.

    the backpack straps on the aeronaut make it comfortable to carry. if you want the option of carrying the aeronaut on one shoulder, definitely get the absolute shoulder strap. it is the most comfortable strap i have used, and have this on my ristretto, large cafe bag, and aeronaut.

    by the way, i'm not female, but i am 5' 8" also.

    let us know what you decide, and if you have additional questions.



      You would be able to fit everything you need in the aeronaut + ID bag. I've been a carry-on only person for nearly 10 years and it was only last summer that I finally moved from wheeled bag to non-wheeled. Yes, some times I miss the wheels when I'm in the airport but not really that much. The Aeronaut distributes its weight well when it's on your back and doesn't feel as heavy. My main problem is usually how to carry the second bag. I've tried a few non-TB second bags but I think I'll finally move on to a ID soon.

      My husband had the wheeled bag when we went to Europe last summer and he was constantly envious of me for breezing through turnstiles and climbing up and down stairs with ease. I often had to stop and wait for him to catch up with the wheeled case. He'll be buying an Aeronaut soon.


        Thanks so much!

        I appreciate your advice more than I can say. And I think you've convinced me to be brave and go wheel-less on this trip. Now I'm trying to decide between the Aeronaut and the Western Flyer. My shoulder tires easily, so I'm thinking I should go with the smaller WF. Decisions, decisions...