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Super Ego Suggestions

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    Super Ego Suggestions

    I am quite thrilled with this bag - as evident by my impressions posted so far in the reviews forum. i have looked long and far for a versatile bag, and the only thing that looks like it can compete with the Super Ego is the TimBukToo Mullett.

    But that bag has a built in laptop padded sleeve - and i think a huge plus of the Super Ego is that you can remove the padded laptop protection of your choosing, making it a fantastic general purpose messenger bag that conforms like none other. versatility at this price range and quality = great. Also the side water bottle pockets of the Super Ego with the cinch straps is tip-top that few bags have.

    Three suggestions for it that may be good for many or may only be good to me:

    1 - pass thru in the back of the bag for a wheelie's handle. this bag is amazingly comfortable with the QAM strap, but it cant hurt to have pass-thru on the back for frequent flyers. make the bottom of the pass-thru zippered, so it can be used as a pocket like the bag has now if not being utilized as a pass-thru.

    2 - increase the depth by 1.25" or so. while i dont think the length or width should be increased as they would make the bag too big, the depth can and should be increased. at least for some of us, a common combination of items would be a laptop in a brain cell + a dslr. with my brain-cell size 4 and a sony a700, it is a bit of an awkward fit due to depth only. since this bag is so great with the material that is so flexible and conforms depending upon what is stuffed inside, a bit more depth should not make it noticeably bulkier. an 8" depth from a 6.75 sounds about right. just enough to make the laptop + slr combo work flawlessly for most combos of laptop and prosumer dslr's (not pro level with battery grips, that would just be too much)

    3 - on the inside front of the main cargo space - the side that borders the front pouch compartment, a zippered pocket almost the length of the bag (or maybe 2 half the length) built in there on that material. a key plus for this bag is that it is not overly compartmentalized, keeping it flexible, and instead letting the user customize with various add-ons. however, a nice long zippered pocket or two to take more advantage of all that space when you have no brain cell inside would be a nice way to further help organize the bag without compromising all that raw space.