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1Bag1World Interview with TB

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  • Sco1t
    I am a big guy. Hence, my clothing is large and takes more room.
    So am I so I know what it is like.

    Would the WF prove versatile enough in my case?
    You might find my review of the Western Flyer of interest:


    I recently used it for a 10 day trip to Sweden over the Christmas holiday period. The one thing I would say is that you will have to be very selective about what you pack. Although if all else fails there's always the credit card!


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  • ex machina
    TriStar and the TB POV

    "I believe that instead of buying large quantities of cheap stuff, people are going back to spending more on a quality product that will last them a long time." - Tom Bihn

    I read the above line and I have to agree with Tom Bihn. I look at my own example to see this is true. Those following my quest for the correct every day bag are aware I was going back and forth between the Medium Cafe Bag and the Imago. After receiving both I was planning on returning one due to budget constraints. However, after a small unexpected cash injection into my personal economy I am keeping both. Mind you, it seems that after trying both out, and originally thinking the Medium Cafe was just a bit to small, it ultimately turns out I am using the Medium Cafe bag as my daily bag and the Imago is sitting by the wayside. But I will not return the Imago. Why? I am after all in tight budget waters. Wouldn't it be the practical thing? Well, simply put, it comes down to one word: quality. The Imago is an amazingly well made bag. It is a tad smaller than my preference, but it is so outstanding in its construction, workmanship, quality, and design that I will not return it. Indeed, I will find a use for it.

    I wil be writing up my experience and posting my pictures of the bags (some travel ones too in the thread already containing my TB bag choice evolution. I plan to do it in a month or so as I am making notes and vetting the bags in my daily life. I also already know I will be buying more TB products because they are well made, and have a positive impact on my life. My review will be detailed and go more into that.

    The TriStar - sized between the Western Flyer and the Aeronaut, is something I will be taking a look at with an eye towards purchasing. I prefer, when possible, to use a smaller than max carry-on bag. In fact, I would like to downsize all my stuff (not just travel stuff) to fit into a max carry-on bag, so if need be, I can just grab it and go. The fewer things I have, the less things have me. That said, I recently took a trip for several days to Florida.

    During that trip I used the medium cafe bag as a personal bag and a Manhattan Portage Europa Deluxe (stuffed to the gills) as my carry-on. It was great to be able to travel with a smaller than max bag and as small a bag as I could easily do. It worked out. But I was also analyzing what would be better. And while the Western Flyer was appealing to me, it was also a tad small as well. I am a big guy. Hence, my clothing is large and takes more room. So I was wondering about that. Would I find the WF adequate for my travel needs? I am hoping to get away 3 times a year for 5-10 days. Would the WF prove versatile enough in my case? I think the TriStar may be just the fit I was looking for. One thing I am sure about: as my luggage choices evolve, Tom Bihn bags and accessories will be front and center.

    Kudos to Tom Bihn and crew for making such fine products.

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  • timothy
    The Tristar sounds esp. exciting, in the face of possibly tighter carryon requirements which could endanger any particular current standard of predictable "maximum carry on size." Erring slightly smaller would be perfect, esp. if a personal item is still an option on the table.


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  • Guest
    Guest replied
    I better start saving! the TriStar and the Compass both sound amazing...

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  • KarlJ
    I gotta say the TriStar definitely sounds exciting, as does the Compass.

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  • timarelay
    "plus I’m working on a completely waterproof clear pouch for toiletries and other must-not-leak or must-stay-dry items."

    That's what excited me the most, I think. I really need a toiletry kit, and I was debating buying the quarter packing cube for that purpose.

    Garment bag and netbook sleeves are also welcome additions. I won't need the garment bag by the time it comes out, but other people will! And I'm getting a netbook in a few days, so I'm going to need a sleeve for it soon.

    So many carry-on options being designed... How will I ever choose?

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  • keb
    Agree completely. One more compartment would easily give space for several days of clothes and laptop with necessary accessories. Love my WF as it is but the Tri-Star sounds even better. I travel a lot with my kids and their electronics accessories take up a lot of space in my carry on when we travel. The WF and TriStar would be a great carryon combo for me, as I doubt I would be able to carry a max bag like the Aeronaut and still be able to carry other stuff the wife and kids need me to carry. I smell a collection coming...

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  • backpack
    "New sizes of the Checkpoint Flyer Briefcase for PCs; a Checkpoint Flyer Backpack; The Compass - a small carry-on bag, like a smaller Western Flyer sans backpack straps; the TriStar - sized between the Western Flyer and the Aeronaut. It will look a lot like the Western Flyer (but three main compartments rather than two); a garment bag later in the year; I hope to finish the Synapse backpack, plus a few surprises that I could tell you about but then I’d have to kill you

    We plan to introduce smaller sizes of our Soft Cell laptop sleeve for netbooks, as well as a smaller version of our Ristretto vertical messenger bag.

    New Checkpoint Flyers mentioned above, plus I’m working on a completely waterproof clear pouch for toiletries and other must-not-leak or must-stay-dry items."

    The Garnment bag is such great news!

    I also Looooove the idea of a Backpack Western Flyer and the addition of netbooks sleeves.

    Also completely exited about The Compass - a small carry-on bag, like a smaller Western Flyer sans backpack straps; the TriStar offered in addition to the Western Flyer.

    All those innovations plus the waterproof pouch.

    I believe a trip to Seattle is warranted, when the weather will get better.

    There are some things that must be tried in person!

    Now, you know what's next, we want Pictures!
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  • rabergnc
    started a topic 1Bag1World Interview with TB

    1Bag1World Interview with TB

    Just read the interview and I am excited - especially by the prospect of the Tri-Star bag. A 3 compartment sack could be ideal for both business and casual travel. Don't get me wrong - I love my Western Flyer and use it all the time for travel, but it is not the greatest bag for business clothing. I have been able to get by with it on a number of occasions. A 3 sectioned bag can make packing for business easier - and may offer a section for the laptop and accompanying stuff. I look forward to hearing more about the bag, and seeing it in person!!