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    Customer service

    I must express my disappointment that my query, sent to customer service on July 24, has never, ever been answered. I had a question on the size of the monolith, that your "size 4" bag wasn't large enough to fit one of the laptops it was rated for. I've now returned to your site and found that the size has been updated and is consistent with the size of the laptop. I've ordered a monolith, I'm not going to hold a grudge, but it would have reflected a higher level of customer service if you had informed me of the change in a timely manner.

    My query was:
    I'd like to get a Monolith, and your site recommends size 4 for a Toshiba Tecra M2, but I'm confused about the sizing. My M2 is 12.3" wide, 10.1" deep, and about 1.2" thick -- by my measurements and as specified on the Toshiba web site. This nearly works with a Monolith size 4, except the depth of the size 4 is 9.5". It doesn't seem like it would fit, right? So I'm confused why a size 4 is recommended in the sizing chart -- can you clarify? Is there another vertical case that would be better?

    Hello Marlin,

    I am so sorry that we did not respond to your inquiry. We respond to all inquiries very quickly and I just don't know how we missed yours.

    I have looked through all of my messages from that time period and can't even find your email, yet it does look familiar to me and it was probably what triggered our update on the website.

    I promise you that this is not representative of the customer service here at Tom Bihn. I hope that you are happy with your Monolith once you receive it.

    Thanks for your feedback and for giving us another chance.

    "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

    -Dr. Seuss