I've had my Checkpoint Flyer for a few months now. It's been on quite a few trips and it's great to be able to breeze thru' US airports without having to juggle my MacBook Pro whilst dumping shoes, keys and other metal miscellany into the security trays!

However, I also use my Checkpoint Flyer as an everyday bag and there's one thing that would make it so much more useful. I know that the bag is geared up to allow the computer case to be quickly flipped out from the main bag. However, that's a pain when you're using the case day to day and simply want to get your computer out.

It'd be cool to have a nice way to fasten the computer case to the main part of the Checkpoint Flyer when you aren't traveling thru' an airport. Right now, I have two velcro wraps around the main bag and computer handles so they won't separate. A wide, cushioned version of this sort of velcro wrap might be really nice and would make the bag friendlier around the office.