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passport pouch lanyard

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    passport pouch lanyard

    hi tom, darcy,

    i enjoyed using the passport pouch on my recent trip. but i had an idea i wanted you to consider. what if we put the o-rings were at the end of the lanyard and the hooks on the passport pouch?

    this would make the passport pouch like the wallet and the organizer pouches, easily able to hook to an o-ring inside whatever bag we were carrying. it would also allow the use of the lanyard with the wallet or an organizer pouch.

    I like that idea very much.

    TB lanyards are very strong and well made.

    One with an O ring at the end would solve the problem of carrying just a few pouches and keys.

    Maybe TB could offer O rings for sale in the accessories section. The ones used on top of the Passport Pouch seems roomy enough to hold a couple of pouches.

    Another suggestion about lanyard would be offer the zipper pull kit with longer length(s) of lanyard fabric (the length(s) used for the Stuff Sacks) and O rings. We could, then, make our own simple lanyard and/or wristlet.


      Neat ideas! Prior to the advent of the clear organizer wallet, I'd considered getting a passport pouch to use as a wallet, but didn't end up buying one because I wanted to be able to clip it inside a bag. Maverick's suggestion would make it easier to manage the passport pouch during travel.

      Similar to what backpack suggested, it would also be nice to turn the clear organizer wallet into a wristlet with a lanyard -- I've tried attaching the clips of a longer key strap to the clip on a pouch, but the three clips don't play nicely.


        Originally posted by yeti View Post
        I've tried attaching the clips of a longer key strap to the clip on a pouch, but the three clips don't play nicely.
        you could do a 3 way clip by connecting one of the clips from the key strap to the ring (what is the technical name for it?) built into the clear organizer pouch. see the attached image. this will work better with the longer key strap - this is the one i had with me, but it illustrates how this would work.
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          Thanks for the photo demonstration, maverick! Very clever indeed =)

          Suffering from functional fixedness, I had been attempting to clip both of the clips on the key strap to the one clip on the organizer pouch, and so they didn't slide/rotate freely. Your method, on the other hand, works perfectly! I have a couple of the longer key straps, which work well for creating a "wristlet".