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1050 vs. 1680 Ballistic Nylon

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    1050 vs. 1680 Ballistic Nylon

    We use U.S. - made <i>high tenacity</i> 1050 denier ballistic nylon on many of our bags. It's harder to get and significantly more expensive than the Chinese or Thai 1680 ballistic used by our competitors. In spite of the larger size of the yarn, the 1680 is not nearly as durable as the 1050 fabric.
    (One company erroneously claimed that their 1680 ballistic was of course better than Tom Bihn's 1050 fabric: bigger is better, they figured. They figured wrong, as the test results show.)

    Well, that should settle that argument. Now can you get it in blue?
    I've got a 2XXLT H. Brain Cell (fits my H-P HDX18t like a glove), a Sapphire/Black Brain Bag with a matching Snake Charmer, a 2XL Vertical Soft Cell, a Sapphire wallet, a Size 4 H. Brain Cell for my wife's laptop and... a school boy's crush on Darcy


      You might want to reverse "1055" and "only" in the first picture's caption


        hi tom,

        we really appreciate the choice of the finest materials and workmanship that you pour into your products!

        it is wonderful to be able to take quality for granted anytime we buy anything at tom bihn!


          Awesome test results! Anyone who has ever used a TB bag knows its nearly impossible to wear a hole in it, unless you drag it behind a car or something equally appalling.
          There are only 3 kinds of people in this world -- those who can count, and those who can't.

          Proud Owner of: Aeronaut, Empire Builder, PC Flyer, Tri-Star, 3 Absolute shoulder straps, 2 Freudian slips, Braincell, and many various pouches and packing cubes...


            Indeed! Thoughtfulness and quality exude from each of your bags.

            After the results of the Ballistic Nylon test, I'm even more stoked for the debut of the TriStar (is that possible?).


              Originally posted by mruseless View Post
              unless you drag it behind a car or something equally appalling.
              i seem to recall that being part of the process for testing tom bihn bags. let me know if i am mistaken.


                Nice way to lay the smack down Tom Bihn! My 2 year old Super Ego still looks brand new! Actually all of our TB products looks perfect - even the Cork Fabric pouch (which I honestly didn't think would hold up well and I use it every day). It's nice to know you've taken the time to research and test, and not compromise.
                Using a: Super Ego (Black, Steel, Wasabi) with seat belt strip (Wasabi), and alternate reflective Strip. Black BrainCell, Wasabi Snake Charmer, Cork Small Organizer Pouch, and Olive green medium organizer pouch.


                  I second everybody's opinion about the strength of Tom Bihn bags's fabric.

                  Like MikeL, I have a Cork Fabric pouch which I use to carry my cell phone.

                  I has be used for 3 different cell phones of various sizes.

                  The first time I used the Cork Fabric Pouch for a cell phone was in 05 after a really nasty storm soaked me and threatened to do the same to the cell phone held in a cheap nylon novelty eye glass case.

                  I am no fan of wet electronic and hid the case under my rain shell but it was already soaked and the straps were fraying.

                  Because the Pouch is securely closed, I can run with it, if I have to.