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Just a little pouch...

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  • Foggy Morn
    Would the mini pouch work? Is it too large for what you want it for?

    I have several with the clear fronts - very handy. They keep not only thumb drives close by, but my ethernet adapter for my MBA, earbuds for my iPhone, a couple of retractable USB cables... all sorts of things.

    I also have a couple of the padded ones. The smallest keeps my cell modem safe and secure yet easy to grab when I need it, a larger one keeps my iPhone snug. (And I have two for the portable DVD drives.)

    Just recently added a pen pouch for my Pulse Pen. It's perfect for holding both the pen and the little USB charger/cradle.

    The only addition I need is more 'O' rings in my bags!

    Love my gadgets. Love my tombihn bags and pouches to keep 'em in.

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  • nikonnut
    started a topic Just a little pouch...

    Just a little pouch...

    So, As I loaded up my ID to head out to see the little bro and do some fishing I got to thinking.... I never leave home w/o my laptop, digital camera, iPod, etc and realized that it would be great to have a little pouch for my USB pen drive (or two). Maybe something simple with some velcro and an clip to attach it to an o-ring on a brain cell. It would be a sweet addition to my growing Tom Bihn collection to be sure