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iBook 14 inch G4 - what are my options?

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    iBook 14 inch G4 - what are my options?

    I would like to protect my laptop - so looking at the Brain Cell #3. BUT- Brain Cell #3 only fits into the Brain Bag and Empire Builder which are more than I need. I like the ID messenger Bag, but the Brain Cell #3 won't fit.

    Please note: I don't use a briefcase or backback for work. And would likely only need to carry the laptop, cellphone, IPod, accessories for those things, and some papers (flight info, etc) and a book or two or magazines.

    Looking for suggestions? Maybe a Brain Cell for those times I only have the laptop, and someother product (without the brain cell) for times when I need to fit the stuff above?

    And may I ask - about the Incase's on the Apple web site?


    Okay, since no one has responded, I was forced to slave over the Tom Bihn site for hours to come up with this idea.

    How about the Monolith Sleeve inside the Smart Alex? With the Fredian slip?

    I'm 5'8" and think this size might do the trick. (oh i wish! )

    Question: Is it "okay" to carry a laptop vertical and not horizontal. (ie..it's side is on the bottom)...make sense?

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      There should be no problems carrying a laptop on it's side in the monolith assuming you don't got anything poking out... But I beleive the MAC's all have nice sides so that shouldn't be a problem. The point of the Monolith is that you should use the laptop on it's side inside it. The compo of Smart Alec and Monolith should be excellent, though I haven't actually tried a Smart Alec so I can't tell you about the strap. On monday someone from Tom Bihn will probably give you an answer.

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        Hello! I recently got a Monolith + Smart Alec to carry my 'top around, and the system really works. Apart from being a little lean on the storage area, the two bags work well together. The Monolith is acutally quite bulky: it will almost double the thickness of your laptop, but keep in mind that all that bulk means protection. As for carrying the laptop on its side, it makes absolutely no difference to the safety of the laptop. Just make sure you don't have anything plugged in or protruding from the side that is on the bottom. As for the straps on the Smart Alec, you might think they're a bit subpar at first inspection since they're not very thick, but they're actually really comfortable and as far as quality goes, they're Tom Bihns.

        would likely only need to carry the laptop, cellphone, IPod, accessories for those things, and some papers (flight info, etc) and a book or two or magazines
        Smart Alec with a Monolith fits the bill great.


          thekenneth.....THANKS!!! much appreciated.


            Oh, also! I forgot to mention the 'hidden' side pockets on the Smart Alec. With the Monolith strapped in and some cargo in the backpack (for me, it's textbooks....blegh) the side pockets are only useful for thin items, since it's a bit tricky to get past the Monolith's sides. These pockets are great for holding AC adapters and the like, and also.... small sheets of paper (flight info, boarding passes, etc!). Just remember, though, that this is a considerably smaller pack than the Brain Bag. If you've been browsing the forum, I think that the Smart Alec will hold about as much as the Empire Builder. Look at the second picture. Your iBook will be better protected I think, because you'll be putting it in the Monolith. If you're not carrying heavy rocks (textbooks) with you, also consider removing a lot of the straps (waist and chest straps) on the Smart Alec (if you do buy one). Yes, they are functional (again, if you're carrying heavy items), but I rather dislike all the dangling straps. Anyways, if you've any more questions, post away!