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TB Anticipation Syndrome

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    Originally posted by ChrisG View Post
    New to the club too. I just ordered an Empire Builder in Black/Black/Wasabi and an Aeronaut in Navy/Iberian, plus a few assorted pouches and accessories. Can't wait to get them, and will be inaugurating them on a cross-country train trip next week if they get here in time.

    This isn't my first purchase (bought a Brain Bag for my wife a year or so ago), but it's the first for myself. I've admired my boss' EB since he got one of the early ones and have been eagerly anticipating getting my own.
    Well, they did indeed come in time...came home yesterday to a big box sitting in my office!

    The EB is great. I wasn't sure I was going to like the Black/Wasabi combination, but it really looks good in person. I've been a great fan of the "lighter inside color" concept for bags for several years, but the wasabi works even better because it's so different than the contents.

    Overall, the EB is a slightly smaller footprint than the bag it's replacing but due to the way it's laid out I think it may actually hold more. It certainly swallowed up everything I transferred over.

    The Aeronaut is also very nice and the Navy/Iberian combination looks great together. It definitely looks like it will hold everything I need to pack for the upcoming trip, and I'm looking forward to testing that theory in a couple days. Holding it up to a couple other bags I've used for carry-on in the past, I can see it's going to fit better in the overhead compartments but still hold the same amount.

    I'll try to get some pics when I pack and aboard the train next week.


      Just placed my latest order and I can't wait until it gets here. The Breves and RFID Passport Pouch are on backorder until July :-( but the smaller toys will keep me happy until then.

      I called in and talked to Katie (I think, I am so bad with names) and she was very helpful and even looked through the organizers pouches in stock to see if there were and Storm or Linen pouches (thankfully there were). I am always impressed with the friendly and outstanding customer service.

      Breve in Navy
      Breve in Cardinal
      RFID Blocking Passport Pouch in Ultraviolet
      Ultrasuede Cloth in Lapis Blue
      Ego Strips in Indigo
      Large Cordura Organizer Pouch Large in Storm
      Medium Clear Organizer Pouch in Linen
      Mini Dyneema Organizer Pouch in Ultraviolet
      TB in my house - Hunter Aeronaut | Indigo Brain Bag | Black/Steel/Red Ego | Steel/Wasabi ID | Steel/Crimson/Crimson Imago | Crimson/Steel/Steel Imago | Steel/Crimson Large Cafe | Olive Side Effect | Conifer Field Journal | more accessories than I like to admit


        My Ego arrives tomorrow! Um, that's my Ego BAG. And why oh why is there now the ultraviolet lining for the Aeronaut? Sigh. WANT. But because my existing Aeronaut will never wear out, I won't get to try out that new spiffy color.

        Going to Thailand in July. First trip outside of N. America. Taking the Aeronaut, Ego, and packing my Ristretto. Would like to get away with only those, but I've got to bring books, gifts, etc. for folks (I can't exactly take bottles of BBQ sauce through security), I'll be checking a rollerboard. Will post photos of me traveling with my TB gear, though!
        Laura Gayle

        Cadet (black/Iberian), travel tray, cache for Mac keyboard and 13" MBP, Ego, Aeronaut (steel/solar), Tri-star (steel/solar), 2 Absolute straps, 3D clear organizer cube, Swift, Ristretto (black/olive), stuff sacks (all sizes), snake charmer, 2 Kits, various organizer pouches, clear organizer wallet, 2 large Shop Bags... and a partridge in a pear tree.


          Aggh! I just placed an order yesterday and new ballistic organizer pouches are announced today. There would have been 4 more pouches in my order if they had existed yesterday.
          TB in my house - Hunter Aeronaut | Indigo Brain Bag | Black/Steel/Red Ego | Steel/Wasabi ID | Steel/Crimson/Crimson Imago | Crimson/Steel/Steel Imago | Steel/Crimson Large Cafe | Olive Side Effect | Conifer Field Journal | more accessories than I like to admit


            Yet another case of TBAS! Ordered a large packing cube for my brand new Aeronaut and got a few more clear pouches, those are so handy. Also got a color key strap. This is a very dangerous website...it causes me to spend money! I have an overnight trip coming up in July and will be able to properly "review" my Aeronaut then after having actually used it. :-)


              I hope you'll love the Aeronaut as much as I love mine! It beats every other bag I have ever tried as a maximum carry on bag.

              I've done the packing list as you requested for my trip to Munich. I just posted the tread a few minutes ago.
              Still can't believe how much I can fit in the Aeronaut
              BAGS: Aeronaut Crimson/Steel w Absolute Shoulder Strap (original A45) w 4 packing Cubes, Makers Bag Aubergine/Wasabi, Makers Bag Bl Halcyon/Wasabi, Smart Alec Bl/Bl/St, Swift in Cork, Side Effect Aubergine/Wasabi, Side Effect Bl Halcyon/Wasabi
              Travel Trays: Iberian, Solar, Steel
              Mini Pouches: Iberian, cork, clear UV, clear Solar Small Pouches: Iberian, UV Medium Pouches: UV, clear Solar, clear Iberian Large Pouches: clear UV


                Woot! Just placed an order for accessories for my next UK trip:

                - 3D Clear Organizer Cube in Conifer (it'll match my Synapse!)
                - An Aeronaut End-Pouch Packing Cube for my Synapse
                - A mini clear organizer pouch for my iPod and headphone (my old one was given to a friend to lure her into Tom Bihn)
                - A small clear organizer pouch for my MacBook Air power adapter and UK plug converter
                Proud owner of a conifer/steel Synapse, indigo/black Swift, a couple of yarn stuff sacks, a clear organizer wallet and various organizer pouches


                  Half of my latest order came in today! Just organizer pouches and a ultrasuede cloth but there are a lot of firsts for me here.

                  My first large pouch. I really like the large size, it is big enough to fit paper in a folder without folding anything. A really great size that I think will get a lot of use at the bottom of my Aeronaut. And Storm color is wonderful, I wish more bags came in it.

                  My first mini pouch. And my first dyneema pouch too. I always thought the mini size would be too small, but I was wrong. I can already see a lot of uses for this size. I also shied away from dyneema until now too. Again, I was surprisingly impressed with the dyneema fabric. And I love Ultraviolet, great color.

                  The medium clear pouch is not my first this size, but my first of anything in Linen. This is my new favorite color. Its fantastic, darker and more beige than I thought it would be. I hope more bags start using this color, I really want a bag in this color now.

                  The ultrasuede cloth is great, this is my second. I like the new blue color, really bright.

                  Overall great shipment, it's like it's my birthday!

                  TB in my house - Hunter Aeronaut | Indigo Brain Bag | Black/Steel/Red Ego | Steel/Wasabi ID | Steel/Crimson/Crimson Imago | Crimson/Steel/Steel Imago | Steel/Crimson Large Cafe | Olive Side Effect | Conifer Field Journal | more accessories than I like to admit


                    I'm still waiting for the bag I won to come. Every time I contact the guy he says he just received it back (returned to him) in the mail "yesterday" and that he'll send it again. He never says why it was returned to him, just that it was. As an excuse its really wearing thin, and I really don't think I'll ever see the bag. I'm starting to doubt that he's ever sent it. It shouldn't take 3 months to get from the US to Australia - even if he had sent it sea mail! I sometimes wonder if he realises that Australia is not in America, and therefore its going to have to be mailed internationally. Sigh. Darcy, I don't suggest sending review products to this fellow again (which is what I assume happened with this case, though I could be wrong).


                      TBAS sets in...
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                        Originally posted by maverick View Post
                        TBAS sets in...
                        First time I've done UPS ground. I've 2-day'd my other orders. Anticipated arrival date: July 11, 2011.
                        Super Ego w/Seat Belt Buckle [Black/Steel/Wasabi], Cadet 13/15 [Cardinal/Steel], Aeronaut 45 [Cardinal/Steel], 13" Ristretto (Old) [Olive/Cayenne], Synapse 19 [Indigo/Iberian], Camera I/O, and a whole bunch of other goodies.


                          And my anticipated arrival date: July 12, 2011. Why does Seattle have too be so far away.
                          Indigo/Black Swift, Kiwi little Swift, Indigo Side Effect, Punch Small Cafe bag, Plum Clear Organizer Wallet, Tall Yarn Stuff sacks in Solar and Steel,


                            What does TBAS mean? Thanks!
                            Cocoa/wasabi LCB, black/wasabi MCB & SCB, steel/solar Aeronaut, Absolute Shoulder Strap, 5 packing cubes, olive Clear Organizer Wallet, turquoise & wasabi large clear organizer pouches, plum & black pen/pencil organizer pouches, 5 Clear/Cordura Organizer Pouches (mini & small/assorted colors), azalea 3-D Clear Organizer Cube, lapis blue & iberian Ultrasuede Screen Cloths, solar Travel Tray, 5 key straps (assorted lengths/colors), red/blue Strapeez, red Guardian Dual Function Light


                              Originally posted by kcarroll55 View Post
                              What does TBAS mean? Thanks!
                              tom bihn anticipation syndrome


                                My anticipated arrival date is July 11. I usually don't like Mondays but I can't wait till next Monday!
                                Synapse 25 (Steel Dyneema/UV), Organizer Pouches ( Dyneema, Cordura, Cork - various size & colors), FoJ Pouch, FoT Pouch, 2011 TB Mystery gift(Cork pouch), 2012 Mystery Gift (Forest/ Steel) Pocket Pouch, Sm Yarn Stuff Sack (UV), Small Shop Bag (Steel), Large Shop Bag (UV), Various Color Key Straps, Side Effect (Steel Dyneema/Wasabi)