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TB Anticipation Syndrome

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    Just placed my order - I couldn't decide between the Medium cafe bag and the Imago - so, I ordered both - along with some organizer pouches, the ultrasuede strap and an extra key strap. When I ordered by Aeronaut earlier this spring, I was surprised that it was delivered (to Canada - Toronto - no less!) by the end of the week! Usually when I order stuff from the U.S. it takes at least a couple of weeks to get here - think lightening will strike twice?
    Indigo/Solar Aeronaut; assorted packing cubes; Olive/Olive/Cayenne Imago; Plum/Wasabi Medium Cafe Bag; assorted organizer pouches


      Western Flyer shipped a week earlier than I thought and it's out for delivery this morning (a day earlier than UPS promised). Fun tonight!

      My only regret is it shipped before the iPad screen cloths were announced. I would have added one to my order. Guess I'm going to have to think of some stuff to order so I can include it.
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        I have my order and the Super Ego is, well, Super! I am already planning my next order: The FJN and the Ultrasuede cloth are already on that list. Yep, FJN availability is what I'm waiting on to make that order. I added the Brain Cell case to the Super Ego, so my laptop has lots of good protection.

        I think I will carry my FLN in the external pocket of my Super Ego. The cover will add rain protection to the contents, and I will have easy availability to the my journal. That's the current plan, anyway.
        Bags: Latest: Pop Tote and Shop Bag (large) ; also have a Co-Pilot, Super Ego (w/cork seatbelt); Aeronaut; Medium Cafe Bag; Large Cafe Bag; Brain Cell; Shop Bag small, (Steel); Packing Cube Shoulder Bag. Accessories: Oh yeah, bunches.
        Sadly Lost to Hazmat: An Imago in Steel/Cork & MCB in Linen/Olive.
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          So, do you guys have some sort of deal with UPS? My package came on Friday. I've never had anything ship from the US to Canada so quickly! I love my Imago and Medium Cafe bag! The accessory pouches are so useful, I can't believe how much I can fit into my bags. I'll be travelling to L.A in November for a couple of weeks - can't wait to use all my TB bags and goodies for the trip!
          Indigo/Solar Aeronaut; assorted packing cubes; Olive/Olive/Cayenne Imago; Plum/Wasabi Medium Cafe Bag; assorted organizer pouches


            Yay! We only ship UPS Expedited or Express to Canada. Other shipments you have received from other companies may have been shipped via UPS Standard.

            Have a great trip!
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              I sure understand the TB Anticipation Syndrome!
              My Swift bag and yarn stuff sacks, clear organizer pouches and key straps arrived and now I'm even more anxious as I await additional items I've already ordered!
              Everything is so well-designed and the craftsmanship is outstanding!
              I don't know why I waited so long to jump onboard here after knitters have been raving about your products for so long, but I'm so glad I finally placed the first of what I'm sure will be many orders in the future!
              My Swift isn't full yet -- can't wait to add the Iberian stuff sacks and Field Journal Notebook!


                Well, I just placed my third Tom Bihn order; it may even be shipped today, but....I'm in Virginia and I'll have to wait 5 business days for UPS to bring my order to me! I've been through this twice before, so I know I can do this. I don't need to check UPS tracking three times a day every day. I can refrain (in public anyway) from jumping up and down saying "Yippee, I'm getting a new bag!" I will make it until next week.

                Do I have it bad?


                  I am anxiously waiting for my new Tom Bihn bags - I've had my Tri-Star for a couple of years and absolutely love it, but I needed something bigger for a trip to Italy and had considered the Aeronaut before, so I bought one. I also picked up a Co-Pilot which looks perfect for my iPad but also flexible enough for all kinds of other things. I got to add one of the new iPad cloths as well - it looks great!


                    I just got back from a trip to find my recent order waiting for me! I tracked it while I was away and phoned my office to tell my coworkers Hands off my Tom Bihn box!

                    The water bottles are terrific; one is going into my Swift (it keeps holding more!) with Red Zinger tea and the other remaining at the office for water for my walks during the day!
                    I am having carpal tunnel issues after a lot of packing and gripping on the trip and the silicone sleeve is especially helpful as I work through the discomfort in my hands.
                    The glass is truly solid but doesn't feel heavy as the 1 lb. might have seemed in early discussions here.
                    I even stood both up inside my Swift with my knitting sack between them and it felt well-balanced!

                    The Solar stuff sacks are much prettier in person than I expected -- so glad I decided to color-code my multiple knitting projects as someone suggested on Ravelry!
                    I guess I had some old rain slicker yellow in my head as I viewed them but the nature of the Dyneema fabric makes them a glowing sunny yellow that makes me smile!

                    And a special thanks to Casey! :-)


                      Man, I'm suffering from acute TB anticipation syndrome...UPS should be here literally any minute now with my new Super Ego, and I can't wait! I even scheduled a meeting for 12:30 - 1:30PM, because UPS always delivers to our office between 1PM and 1:30PM and I didn't want to sit here watching the clock...but the meeting ended early, so here I am.

                      In the meantime, I received my brain cell and absolute shoulder strap last week, and I'm absolutely amazed by the absolute shoulder strap (no pun intended) - our house is on the market right now, and a Realtor called late yesterday afternoon, wanting to show our house...right then. My wife and I rushed to clean things up, grab our 2 cats and clear out so the house could be shown, and on the way out, I tossed my 17" MacBook Pro in the braincell and slung it over my shoulder. It was the first time I've used the braincell and shoulder strap, and I stopped at least 3 times to make sure the laptop was actually in the braincell - the laptop + accessories probably weigh in around 7-10 pounds, and it felt like the braincell was completely empty, it was so light on my shoulder! Can't wait to try it out with the Super Ego!
                      Super Ego, Ristretto, Western Flyer, Brain Cell, Travel Tray, Lots of Packing Cubes, Organizer Pouches & Straps, Snake Charmer and much, much more...


                        Finally ordered my Synapse!

                        I just ordered the Conifer/Steel Synapse I've been wanting ever since Conifer was introduced!
                        Now, Anticipation Syndrome is setting in!


                          My Conifer/Steel Synapse has made it to the East coast!
                          Only 134 miles away! Tomorrow won't get here fast enough!


                            My Synapse is here! I love everything about it! :-)
                            The Conifer/Steel Dyneema is such a great outdoorsy look!
                            I also ordered my first Dyneema organizer pouches and love how lightweight they are! I've been shying away from anything in Wasabi,but ordered the long keystraps that come in Cayenne and Wasabi, so maybe that color will grow on me! ;-)
                            Thanks again to the Tom Bihn crew!


                              Sure do know the feeling. Just ordered my Sidekick in Olive last week. It won't ship until late March! Tough waiting...
                              MrKnitster on ravelry
                              Aeronaut 45s in Burnt Orange, Verde, Navy and Steel, all with Northern Sky interior, Maker's Bag in Navy/Wasabi, Swifts in Burnt Orange/Northern Sky, Olive/Linen, Medium Cafe Bag in Navy/Cayenne and tons of pouches, stuff sacks, straps, etc.


                                And now, I'm anxiously waiting for my Ultraviolet Stuff Sacks!
                                And since we're all waiting for the new 1050D Ballistic Nylon colors, it hit me we need a TBA thread: Tom Bihn Anticipation and To Be Announced!