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TB Anticipation Syndrome

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    Goodness, how funny! So near yet so far...


      Got the "Your TOM BIHN Order has shipped" e-mail yesterday for my new Synapse 25...woo hoo!!!! Now for that dreaded wait as it makes its journey from Seattle all the way to Baumholder, Germany courtesy of the Army Postal System...can't wait to get it!!!
      Synapse 25 (steel dyneema/wasabi), Synapse 19 (conifer/steel), Empire Builder (black/steel), Ristretto for Ipad 2 (olive/cayenne), Brain Bag (black), Zephyr (black/red), Aeronaut (steel/steel), guardian dual function light, RFID blocking passport pouch, packing cubes (various sizes), horizontal freudian slip, The Kit (forest green), ultra suede screen cloth, Tom Bihn Luggage tags (x3), and who knows what is next.........


        Originally posted by Fat Crip View Post
        Now, I should preface this by saying I have absolutely no doubt that my delivery will arrive safe and sound on Monday as promised, however, in the meantime, the fairy tale has begun! According to UPS' website, my little packet made a sneaky wee visit to Stansted Airport (near London, UK) during the night, before popping back to the US for a quick tour of Oregon and Kentucky! I've no doubt it'll make a few more Transatlantic crossing in the coming days

        Arrived - Louisville, KY, United States, Tuesday, 16/04/2013

        Additional Information
        Shipped/Billed On:15/04/2013Type:PackageWeight:2.00 lbs

        Shipment Progress
        What's this?
        LocationDateLocal TimeActivity
        Louisville, KY, United States 16/04/2013 13:34Arrival Scan
        Portland, OR, United States 16/04/2013 6:24Departure Scan
        16/04/2013 4:14Arrival Scan
        16/04/2013 3:15Departure Scan
        16/04/2013 0:16Arrival Scan
        Stansted, United Kingdom 16/04/2013 5:32Released by Clearing Agency. Now in-transit
        Fife, WA, United States 15/04/2013 21:24Departure Scan
        15/04/2013 20:59Arrival Scan
        Seattle, WA, United States 15/04/2013 20:25Departure Scan
        15/04/2013 18:50Origin Scan
        United States 15/04/2013 18:55Order Processed: Ready for UPS
        Well, I ordered a Swift for my lovely wife for her birthday on Monday. The UPS delivery scheduled delivery date is Monday, but now we're having lunch out with friends on Monday so there'll be no one to sign for the parcel and pay the duty... so just as well it arrived today (Friday) early!!! Well done UPS! Thanks also to Mateo at TB for putting up with my indecision! Oh, and the Swift looks pretty cool too! Navy/Aubergine/wasabi, by the way


          So...when I ordered my first Tom Bihn Bag (LS - Hemp) in January I was excited to get a new purse (which i now use exclusively!) but now that I now what awesomeness is coming I am SUPER excited for my package to arrive! Does the anticipation get worse with every Tom Bihn Bag bought?!? (if so i don't know if i can handle it...may just have to come to Seattle!)


            So I placed my second TB order earlier this week and now that I know what awesomeness to expect from TB the anticipation is even worse than it was with my first order! If the anticipation grows with each order, I don't think I'll be able to handle it...


              Add me to the list!

              Synapse 25 in Steel Dyneema/Wasabi Dyneema and a new side effect in Navy/Iberian on the way!


                I had to explain to my son what a "business day" is. He was very disturbed to learn that there are only 5 in a week. "Why won't it come on Sunday? You mean I have to wait until Tuesday? This is unbearable!"

                He is paying for nearly all of it himself (Synapse 25) and is setting out things to practice pack for a variety of situations.

                Confidence comes from being prepared.


                  Train up a child. . .
                  I really, really like TB Bags!


                    First time poster, occasional lurker.

                    So I've placed my first order for an Aeronaut and some packing cubes. I'll be eagerly awaiting for the new week to come so my order can be shipped to me all the way here in Australia.


                      Well I've put in my order for my first Tom Bihn bag, an Aeronaut in Black/Steel plus packing cubes for it.

                      I'll be looking forward to the shipping notice and eventually the UPS guy to visit my work place with my box of goodies.


                        Ordered a Dyneema Co-Pilot over the weekend along with a utility strap and small pouch. I plan on taking it to the Brimfield, MA antique fair next month.


                          ordered a LCB (black/steel) with the absolute strap last night...now have to wait until next monday for the arrival. trying to experiment using the LCB as a bag within a bag for out of town trips as well as for light use when running errands when i only need something minimal to carry around.

                          i may look to getting an Ego to replace my beat-up work bag in the months ahead...the Zephyr is about 1.5" too long. i bought a B&R 17" expandable tote thinking it might do double duties as a large workbag on days when i need the extra space, but i think anything over 16" is just more than i want to deal with on crowded trains since i keep my bag in my lap.

                          i'm first going to try a skooba satchel (backordered until early May) however...slightly better room in the depth of the bag and i like the fact that the interior pockets are lightly padded. even if i wind up not getting the Ego, i still need to order sundry TB organizers and accessories.

                          and i'll be waiting for the Pilot whenever it makes it to the production floor.
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                            Careful with the Skooba stuff. I've returned every bit of their stuff I've ever bought because of the really poor quality. TB has spoiled us.
                            When in trouble, obfuscate.


                              Originally posted by ceb View Post
                              Careful with the Skooba stuff. I've returned every bit of their stuff I've ever bought because of the really poor quality. TB has spoiled us.
                              interesting and thanks for that feedback.

                              from my prior internet research, Skooba's 1st/2nd generation bags seemed to have dodgy issues with the zippers, i've not read anything negative on their 3rd generation bags. anyone else with any feedback?


                                I've got my your order has been shipped email, and I've been tracking it's progress. It's gone from Seattle, to Portland and then to Louisville. From there it just arrived in Anchorage about 10 minutes ago, and going by the Flight Tracker site, I've determined it arrived on UPS Flight 64 as the other UPS flights to Anchorage have yet to arrive.

                                I think I sound a little excited about the progress of my package here.