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Used Eclipse for sale

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    Used Eclipse for sale

    I just poked around the site to see if I could point to a product description here but I guess Tom is no longer making the Eclipse?

    This is a GREAT minimlist bag for a 12" i/powerbook or simlar sized PC (TB size 5). I think I can best descibe it as a "Tricked out" Brain Cell. Its the basic Brain Cell with an extra flap/buckle on the side to do all the standard Tom Bin stuff. A spot for Pens, PDA/Phone, key Chain etc. The Bag is Black with Silver Accent.

    Bag is so good it has outlasted the ibook which you will soon find being sold for parts on eBAY...

    Asking $50 or BRO. Contact me at [email protected]

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    Do I really need four bags?