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How about some more toned-down color combos for the medium Cafe?

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    How about some more toned-down color combos for the medium Cafe?

    I love the medium Cafe, but it would be great to have some more toned down options for those of us who prefer a lower visual profile. For instance, I'd love to see a Steel/Steel version; bring that out and I hereby promise to buy three. Other possibilities could be Navy/Steel; or Olive/Steel, but done with more of a dark Olive Drab tone rather than the brighter green Olive you're using now. The Black/Steel bag is great, but I have too many black bags already...

    What about bringing back pine?


      I can't think up an excuse to buy another Medium Cafe, but I still feel the need to second the Pine suggestion. Also, re: lower visual profile - did you see the blog post about Sand? Looks great!


        I recently got the Steel/Sapphire Medium Cafe Bag (steel exterior, sapphire inside). The
        sapphire is much more "toned down" than it looks on the screen and not very visible unless you have the flap open. I like the brighter colors but for an everyday bag/purse didn't want something that really drew attention.
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          I think that the Sand/Olive is a very nice, more toned-down color combination:

          Pine was a one-time only color.
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