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Messenger Bag Without Flap?

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    Messenger Bag Without Flap?

    What makes a messenger bag a messenger bag? Is it the flap or is it the sling over the shoulder style? Or both? I ask because I had a suggestion for a bag based on the Imago.

    I use my Imago with a QAM strap to carry supplies when walking the dogs. I need the bag secure to my back in case there is a dash for a bunny so the QAM strap was a must. The only issue is that (for me) it shortens the bag and makes it hard for me to see inside when I want to give the dogs some water or try to quickly grab a treat to distract them from something. Also, if I'm trying to train them I find the flap gets in the way unless I totally flip it over so I can get into the main opening.

    My thought was instead of a flap that there was just a zipper down the middle. This makes it very purse like, which I'm not so fond of, but in my head it would seem to be easier to get in and out of. My point of reference is the Red Oxx Gator bag which is like a tiny laptop bag with a zipper down the middle. I use this for my DSLR and when I open the zipper it stays open and is very easy for me to access while I take pictures or do whatever.

    I'm sure there is a design reason why this won't work but I thought I'd ask because you'd think there would be something with a zipper instead of a flap and I can't think of any such bags.
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    My suggestion would be to use a Convertible Packing Cube/Shoulder Bag or 2 Clear Quarter Packing Cube or 1 Clear Quarter Packing Cube and 1 Stuff Sack for treats inside your Imago main compartment.

    While you walk the dogs keep the flap of the Imago all the way down and the zipper closed except for the small front zipper on the Convertible Packing Cube or one of the compartment of the Clear Quarter Packing Cube.

    Another solution could be to leave the main compartment closed while walking the dogs but having a Stuff Sack or two affixed to the outside O rings with short or long key strap so they dangle on the outside, one could have treats and the other toys or two type of treats etc...


      I should have listed my current "procedure" for the always important function as dog treat dispenser.

      I have one of the small TB pouches to hold the treats. This save the Imago from most of the debris. The pouch fits in the outside pocket that has an o-ring right under the flap. I can get to the treats without unbuckling the flap by going under it, if I leave the pouch part way unzipped.

      This does work ok but it's too slow for difficult training. If we are really working hard to not bark then I need fast access. Even with the flap open and using one of the large open inside pockets the main compartment doesn't really allow for a quick grab.

      But speed isn't always the issue. I find it cumbersome to fish around in the bag for the water bowl and bottle or the waste bags. When working on these tasks I need the bag to stay open for a while and only way to do that is to flip the flap over.

      Let me say these are all minor issues really and not a huge deal. Just something I was thinking about when trying to imagine a way to improve the process. While I was on that train of thought I came up with the idea of the zipper and wondered why it isn't used for this style of bag.
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