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Ultimate Cafe Bag

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    Ultimate Cafe Bag

    Well... since I've half given up my search for the ultimate man bag and there's some forum traffic about secure bags, shoulder straps, etc., I figured I might as well make my wish to Santa (aka Tom).

    The Ultimate Cafe Bag would:
    - be a little smaller than the current large size one in height and depth, but a little thicker to accommodate bulkier items such as dSLR cameras, etc.
    - have a top zipper to make it a little more secure and add some more water resistance, in addition to the buckle flap
    - have the same optional waist strap attachments
    - have cut/slash protection when traveling in not-so-nice areas
    - have an external water bottle carrier; at least a mesh, but preferably like the one on the ID or the Buzz; it be even better if the carrier was detachable in some way
    - have a removable or at least Absolute Shoulder Strap option
    - come in a great colour and fabric (microfibre?) so that it could double as a man bag or dress up bag when in business attire, and as a casual bag for around-the-town
    - come with a removable pouch that could fasten onto the strap for an iPod, cell phone, GPS, etc.
    - come with a built-in money attractor that sucks up loose change and dollar bills within a 100 m radius (okay, just kidding... ;-)
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    also more o-rings

    Great suggestions! My two cents...

    An o-ring in the back pocket for keys or a mini-pouch would be terrific; then the whole bag wouldn't need to be opened for commuting purposes. Right now, I'm using the longer strap to connect from the inside o-ring to the pouch I put in the back pocket, and it's awkward.

    Thanks for considering!


      Yes... an O-ring addition would be great!


        +1 an O ring in the back pocket would be terrific!

        Two on each side would be even better.
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          I enthusiastically support the suggestion for an external water bottle carrier. The lack of one is the only thing keeping me from using my large Cafe Bag for everyday carry. There's just enough room for one in the interior even with all my stuff in it, but I'm not comfortable putting even the most spillproof bottle or travel mug in there next to my laptop.
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