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Another Which Bag Question

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    Another Which Bag Question

    First of all let me say, I love this website. The bags, the business philosophy, the attitude...just the whole thing. I really can't wait to get my bag, but sadly I don't know which one to get.

    That said, let me get into the problems that are affecting my decision.

    1. I have a huge laptop, it will only fit into the Brain cell size 2 limiting me to the Seattle Messenger bag (which if I understand correctly isn't really a Tom Bihn Bag?) or the new Super Ego. Both of which are fine.

    2. I am planning on attending Law school in fall of 05, meaning books papers maybe clothes etc etc etc, same drill as everyone else.

    3. At least one of the schools that I have applied to requires that you buy a specific laptop through the school...so I may have to have another insert for another laptop that ideally should fit into the same larger bag.

    So i guess what my question ultimately is, is Which bag is more conducive to lots of stuff, but will also give me the versatility between laptops, if at all? I may just need to wait until I have to get a new laptop and then buy the bag. Anyway, my current bag is barely waterproof and falling apart, so I was hoping to get one sooner than later, but if I need to wait so be it.

    Thanks for all of you help, and for everything that you guys do.

    You could just buy a brain cell for your current laptop and wait to see what size you new laptop will be and then buy a bag to fit one or both. Or, you could buy the Seattle Messenger bag if you like its design. Their bags are made well, so its really a matter of style. Personally, I would just buy the brain cell now if you need to carry around the laptop. If you need a general bag, then I would suggest asking the school again if they can give you more specific information about the laptop's possible size. Do you know what this year's students are using?


      I'd recommend the Super Ego. It will accept all six sizes of the Brain Cell and can hold a lot of stuff.
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        I think I may need to do more research on that. The super ego is probably where I will end up, but until then my laptop is taking a beating so I think I may just buy the brain cell until I have the info i need.
        Thanks guys