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New Swift colors

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    New Swift colors

    I swear Tom and Darcy are trying to get my wallet and its owner in deep trouble.

    Indigo/Plum, Punch/Plum... yum.

    I use the Swift not only as a needlework carrying bag but as a secondary bag
    when I go on a car trip, spend the day mall shopping or at the library.

    The mall food is dismal and I no longer drink sodas so I need something for my
    Contigo mugs and my snacks.

    The terrific Swift can handle

    2 adult size stainless steel Contigo cups
    2 hardback books or more softcover books on one side.
    1 Packing cube/shoulder bag used in the center of the Swift as an extra inner pocket, it contains odds and ends and is ready to house the small paperbacks in case of rain.
    1 small Stuff Sack with small needlework project, yarn, small pouch with extra needles and a pair of kid scissors.
    1 ziplock with a light scarf to protect against overzealous air conditioners or keep the sun hat on in case of strong wind.
    1 sun hat
    1 pair of sunglasses
    1 plastic envelope containing a junior size pad and a mechanical pencil (this sometimes is carried in the Cafe Bag)
    1 cardigan (matching the Swift color) to protect against artic air blast from the aformentioned air conditioners.

    Side pockets hold snack bars and pocket tissues (my area is notorious for allergies and my can count on my nose for getting upset about just about everything, from the perfume counter to a little flower to the ever present
    blasting air conditioner).

    On top of all that I can fit 3 to 4 heavy hardbacks, the size of best seller novels, my books are non fictions.

    Without the hardbacks, the Swift is a breeze to carry all day between time
    sitting down to read.
    I can also hop (more like take one step at a time very slowly) on a bus with it and a Cafe Bag, a Small at the beginning of summer, a Large right now.

    I finally got a hold of a the city's shuttle timetable. The city person in charge of the shuttle website is assleep at the wheel, the system map is impossible to read and the timetable impossible to view.

    On the Mac, the pdfs containing system maps and timetable do not even load.

    My Tom Bihn bags are with me every step of the way!

    PS: Long winding post feel free to cut and paste some of the content to the
    packing list.

    I forgot! The Swift in Black is going to be such a classy looking high school/college bookbag or second handbag to toss the walking shoes, light shopping and lunch.