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  • moriond
    Hi Teresa,

    The Buzz is my favorite Tom Bihn bag, and I use it both with and without a laptop. That said, while I might opt for a Buzz without a divider if I were using this without a laptop (or only very occasionally to carry a laptop inside a separate sleeve), I don't think I would order this with a removable divider if I planned to use this with a laptop.

    One of the great things about Tom Bihn's designs is their protection for laptops, and I think some of the other post-sales comments for the Buzz basically said, "great, but we'd like to see more padding at the bottom". Maybe he can come up with a removable divider design that keeps things secure, but I think that may be hard to do.

    Just weighing in, since this suggestion for a removable divider is a new twist on the thread.

    I use the side pocket for holding an umbrella, but it would be nice to carry a water bottle and an umbrella, too.

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  • curious
    Hear hear! I'm thinking about the Buzz too and the main reason I haven't bought it yet is that I'd prefer a removable divider to a permanent one. And I agree with jmweber - I'd love to see straps on the bottom for umbrella/magazine or even a light jacket.

    hope you don't mind my reviving an old thread

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  • jmweber
    I'm thinking about getting a Buzz, and I would use it for a laptop much of the time (but not always), so making the divider removable could be good.

    Has Tom thought about a slightly bigger version of the Buzz? I really love sling-style bags; they're so comfortable and handy. But the Buzz seems a little small-ish for the amount of stuff I usually carry around.

    Also, have you thought about straps on the bottom of the bag for an umbrella?

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  • neil
    Buzz Option

    Hi Teresa

    I would have preferred to buy my Buzz with a removeable divider, but it wasn't offered. Perhaps the divider could be velcroed (is that a verb?) in, so as to be quickly removeable.


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  • teresa
    started a topic Buzz Question

    Buzz Question


    I was prompted by a customer comment to realize that of all the people I know who own the Buzz only a couple of them actually own a laptop. I'm curious to know if people would be interested in having the option of purchasing a Buzz without the laptop sleeve/compartment/divider as it seems then you would have more space for your stuff if you're going to be using it as a general purpose bag rather than a laptop bag.

    My idea here is that the Buzz would be offered both with or without the laptop compartment depending on how interested folks are.

    Consider it a semi-formal poll.