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Has the ship date of new Tri-Stars been pushed back?

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    Has the ship date of new Tri-Stars been pushed back?

    I took so long to make up my mind between the Aeronaut, the Western Flyer, and the Tri-Star that the first batch of indigo/solar Tri-Stars sold out. (I consoled myself with an indigo Swift instead, which I love.) But I finally made up mind this morning and took the plunge, ordering both an indigo Tri-Star and a 3D Clear Packing Cube as well. I'm so excited! But am I misremembering, or has the estimated shipping date for the new batch of Tri-Stars been pushed back? I could have sworn that yesterday when I was drooling over the website it said "late August or early September." This morning it says "mid September." That's not a huge difference; I'm just being impatient. (I could never wait for Christmas either.)

    I wanted to thank so many people here on the forum for their posts and photos and packing lists and even videos, all of which have been enormously helpful to me in making my decision about which bag would be right for me. I don't anyone's real names, but Maverick, mruseless, flitcraft, eastercat, jehowe and so many others, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and impressions. I can't wait to see your final video on packing the Tri-Star, Maverick.

    And most of all, thanks to you, Darcy. I emailed you off-forum with a question about adapting the Absolute strap from my ID for the Tri-Star, and you were so helpful: as always! I truly appreciate that.

    What a great group of people you all are.

    I'd like to 'second' ncb4's note of appreciation for all those who regularly post photos, lists, etc. It has helped me immensely in deciding what my next TB bag will be. I arrived at a different conclusion than ncb4, though - I'm going for the Western Flyer. Although I love everything I've seen on the Tristar, I already have an Aeronaut and am afraid if I get the Tristar, the Aeronaut will not get used as it should. The greater size difference with the WF makes it attractive to me for short trips.
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      Originally posted by ncb4 View Post
      But am I misremembering, or has the estimated shipping date for the new batch of Tri-Stars been pushed back?
      The first round of backorders will still ship around late August. New orders like yours could also ship as early as late August but may ship as late as September 8th-15th.

      I'm glad I was of help to you! And I agree: the reviews, pictures, and videos posted by everyone in these forums are amazing. Every day we can't wait to look and see what all of you have posted.
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