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Cell phone / iPod pocket as an accessory

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    Cell phone / iPod pocket as an accessory

    The Buzz has a great cell phone / iPod pocket which appears to be sewn into the strap.

    I have the Brain Bag and love it, but I would REALLY like to have a similar pocket that I could attach to the shoulder strap of my Brain Bag.

    Ideally, I'd like it to be big enough to accomodate an FRS/GMRS two-way radio (approx 2.5" x 1.5" x 5") but leave the antenna sticking out. That would give me the flexibility to carry my radio, a phone, an MP3 player, or even a small pocket camera... depending on what I was planning to do. The pocket could be slightly smaller if it were made of neoprene so that it could stretch a little.

    I've been looking all over for such an accessory. There are a few options that work for a small cell phone, but very few choices which are big enough for the radio.

    Maybe you would need a small and large size.

    Most of the pouches available now are made to attach to a belt. That doesn't help much when you need to put it on a backpack or shoulder strap.


    Funny you should bring this up! I have a prototype for this product on my desk right now. However, I am not sure it will fit your two way radio.

    When the product gets closer to completion, I'll send you a prototype for testing.


      When the product gets closer to completion, I'll send you a prototype for testing.
      Any idea when that might be?



        If you are looking for another beta tester please let me know. The reason I offer is that the lack of such an option was the ONLY thing that ALMOST kept me from ordering my new Super Ego in black/crimson. I would mostly use the pouch for a Treo 650 and sometimes for an iPod Photo 60GB...thanks!


          Temporary solution

          I found a couple of alternative pouches that will work.

          Since my main goal was to use it for a GMRS radio I needed a pretty large sized pouch.

          Here is one that is sold for Camelbak hydration systems. Not particularly beautiful, but functional:

          Camelbak Phone Pocket

          I looked everywhere for the one above, and could never find one locally. I couldn't find any dimesional information on this pouch anywhere on the web. (Camelbak ignored my email asking the question... grrr.)

          I did find the previous version of the Camelbak Comm Pouch that is quite large. It fits my GMRS radios perfectly, but I'm prettu sure that the old style is out of production now.

          Discontinued Camelbak Comm Pocket

          If you really need a pouch like this, one of these might be a good alternative until you can get something better and more attractive from Tom.

          Good luck.


            Thanks Bill!

            You may want to checkout PalmOne's website as they sell a pouch by Timbuk2 specifially designed to hold the Treo 650, which is about the size of an FRS...maybe it will work for you?

            It comes in a few colors and looks pretty decent:

            Good luck to us both :-)


              I saw that one before I ended up with the Camelbak one.

              I don't think I ever found the fit dimensions on it. Doesn't matter though, I've got something that is working now.