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Seattle Messenger

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    Seattle Messenger

    I'm looking for some feedback about this bag, it's specs list it being very large. I need a very big bag but one that is functional.

    Thanks in advance!



    The Seattle Messenger is a large capacity bag with several smaller compartments (zippered pockets, mesh pockets, organizer pockets etc.) I can't imagine the amount of stuff one might want to carry around on a daily basis that wouldn't fit inside this bag. It doesn't come with any sort of laptop protection but if you already have a case or want to order a Tom Bihn Brain Cell, all but the size 2XL (gigantic laptop size) will fit inside it.


      Seattle Messenger

      Teresa thanks for the reply. I do need a large bag due to my Security consulting business, but I also need something that offers unmatched protection and I'm not sure this bag is it. I'm also interested in the Super Ego (but I don't want to wait) or maybe the Empire Builder any thougths.

      Thanks again.



        well i'm the new kid on the block here (and so far have mostly limited my forum comments to making an a-r-s-e of myself in the "goof-off" threads) but if you're looking for unmatched protection then i honestly don't know how much better you could possibly do than either the EMPIRE BUILDER or the SUPER EGO.

        both bags are extremely roomy (28 liter EB vs. 27 liter SE), both feature top-of-the line fabrics and fixtures, and both are well padded with super high quality closed cell foam (the EB is padded virtually all around). and all of that's on top of their eye-catching design.

        my guess is that the EMPIRE BUILDER would be your bag. it's very professional looking, it's highly functional, and it's extremely well structured and padded. (AND it's in store now...ba-dum-bump!) the main question is will you or will you not be carrying a laptop - and if so, what size?

        you should consider giving us a jingle sometime on our 1-800 and having a chat with darcy.


          I would give a whole hearted endorsement for the Empire Builder in tandem with a Brain Cell for your laptop. The Empire Builder accommodates sizes 1, 3, 4 or 5. If you would need a size 2 or 2XL Brain Cell, then I say wait a couple weeks and get the SuperEgo. Either of these systems would provide optimal protection for your laptop and offer plenty of space for the rest of your daily essentials.


            A Word from a Seattle Messenger owner

            Although I would like to think of myself as a caregiver rather than an owner....

            The Seattle Messenger bag is without a doubt the best bag for my needs. I bought the SM and the Brain Cell that fits my laptop. The Brain Cell in and of itself is a great buy, and provides great protection for the computer. I also use it to hold file folders with papers that need to not be smashed.

            The SM has truly fulfilled any bag carrying needs that I had. I do not drive a car and as such have the need to carry a lot of things on my person. That said, as a student I also carry around books, papers and other things...the SM has enough room for me to carry my laptop, a newspaper, a case law book (BIG, hardback), two small paperback books, a spiral or two, several pens and pencils, an electric razor, a CD player (no ipod yet...),a bottle of water, and other random things that I don't want to carry in my pockets...the small outside pocket is perfect for my transit pass, my keys and my chapstick....

            Besides capacity, the bag is amazingly comfortable to carry around given its considerable weight. The shoulder strap is comfortable, and the carrying handle is padded for easy carrying as well. I have not needed to use the waist strap and it tucks neatly into the pouch on the back so as not to be in the way (which conveniently also fits a newspaper or two for easy and quick access).

            I have not gotten caught in the rain yet, besides a drizzle here and there, so I have not seen it perform there, though it does stay pretty clean looking considering I bought the all black one. (Which if you do buy the all-black version be prepared for the center and side panels to not be EXACT, but similar enough to be overlooked. I have had this bag for about a month and just noticed it.)

            The only thing that I have noticed that kind of bugs me is when I set it on the floor fully loaded it has a tendency to fall forward rather than back. This is really the only thing that I don't like, and this is so incredibly minor I almost feel bad mentioning it.

            Regardless, I hope that you will take these words of advice and ultimately do what I tell you to....buy the bag.

            Just kidding.

            I am kind of a bag freak, I have tried many and would reccommend few. This one truly is the last bag that I will ever need. There are things about it that I would like to change, but I serioulsy doubt that I could find a better designed or made bag. I also enjoy knowing that my dollar did not go to a faceless corporate empire that sees me as a consumer rather than a student needing a bag for his laptop etc. etc etc. Anyway, good luck, and I am sure which ever bag you choose will be as good to you as mine has been to me in the short time I have had it.