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What about a bag for photographer /w laptop?

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    What about a bag for photographer /w laptop?

    I've been using Buzz bag for a couple months and it's just great. (One annoying thing though : Velcro on cellphone pocket isn't strong enough) However, I sometime have to carry my camera + PB12" with me.

    I only have the Buzz bag for my PB, and another Tenba for my cameras. But none for both of them. I'm not hoping to carry all my SLR bodies/lenses with PB. Maybe just 1 SLR body + Flash + 1 short lens + PB.

    Any recommendation ?

    i totally feel your pain. unfortunately (or should i say fortunately?....no, definitely unfortunately) i'm a web designer and freelance photographer, so at times i'll need to carry my DSLR and Powerbook too. unfortunately, i can't really see a way to do this well. i guess i can relinquish the fact that i'll probably only be carrying one or the other simultaneously, seeing as i bought a canon IXUS 750 at the weekend so i can take photographs without having to take a set of lenses and a flashgun, tripod, battery grip etc.

    i've just ordered the empire builder, and from what i understand,it's fairly spacious. when it arrives, i can drop you a PM and let you know exactly what fits in there with regards to laptops and cameras if you so wish


      A bag that holds camera equipment and a laptop is definitely in our future.

      I regularly carry a Canon 20D with two lenses and my 15" Powerbook to work and back, and that's on a light day! I'm currently using an Ortlieb camera bag, which is a nice bag, but it means I end up carrying at least two bags.

      I think camera bags were hard to get our heads around before because we didn't have a DSLR. But now we do, and the experience of toting it around makes it a lot easier to design a case/bag system.
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        Tenba D-15C


        I'll look forward to a camera and laptop bag from Tom Bihn!

        I have a Tenba PD-15C. I used it to carry:
        - 1 Apple 15" Powerbook
        - 2 Canon 20Ds (now 1 Canon 1D Mark IIn)
        - 1 Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L lens
        - 1 Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L lens
        - 1 Canon 580EX flash
        - 1 Gary Fong LightSphere
        - 1 Quantum Turbo Battery
        - batteries, chargers, card reader, compact flash cards, and other junk.

        I felt it to be reasonably organized for my needs. It allowed me to hold a lot of gear in a bag I could easily carry on my shoulder (but it does get heavy).

        Some leassons to learn from this bag:
        - I like easy access to my equipment. Because I keep 2 bodies on me when I work, I would unpack everything when I arrived. So the pack worked out well. But I generally do not like stacking equipment. I should not have to take something out that I don't need in order to get to something that I do need. This can lead to accidents. I prefer the storage of information to be more flat than vertical.
        - Most every camera bag that I recall uses velcro to divide sections. I hate velcro. The velcro they provide really sticks, which is good. But it's hard to pull off and move into the case where you want it to stick. And it would eventually wear out I guess. I would like to see some other solution for dividing up compartments in a case.
        - The bulk of the case provides good protection. The way in which this is executed leads to a lot of weight. My gear is heavy enough - I would like a case that provides protection effectively to not contribute minimally to the weight.

        I outgrew it and have used it since when travelling. It mostly sits in storage.