As the owner of a Monolith (Ancestor of the Vertical Brain Cell) and a Soft Cell (Ancestor of the Cache), I used both with my iBookG4, under different circumstances.

The Soft Cell was also put in to service in my Large Cafe Bag to protect and hold my new EE pc on our last trip.

But... I really need a dedicated "house" for the EE pc.

As much as I love the lightness of the Soft Cell and I assume the Cache feels the same and it is even more beautiful, (that Charcoal Grey just look fabulous). I feel lost without an handle.

I saw that there is a netbook Checkpoint Flyer Laptop Case and I know it would fit into my Brain Bag without a problem.

But... I want to transport my EE pc in the Synapse, so I wondered if a netbook Checkpoint Flyer Laptop Case would fit in it.

Or if Vertical Netbook Brain Cell was in the works.