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    Shoot From The Hip Bags

    I was intrigued recently when I visited the Think Tank Photo site for the first time. Think Tank is promoting their Multi-Media Wired Up Collection, a series of bags and other interlocking products that is designed for photographers and videographers on the go. The bags and accessories are designed to be hip-mounted, so that you can carry a "portable office" with you while you are on your feet. Your cameras and equipment are right there, right now, and there are ports for cables. There's even a YouTube video to demonstrate the collection.

    The reason I posted these links here is that while I like this collection and what they do, I was disappointed when I contacted Think Tank to learn that the bags are made overseas. I also could not help but to wonder what someone like Tom Bihn could do with this kind of baggage. This kind of thing would seem to have potential uses beyond just shooting stills and video. If Mr. Bihn is ever interested, I would love to see what he could do with a concept like this.
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    Thanks MtnMan, very interesting, but ..

    The video was too much fluff and not enough how things fit together.

    But it would be interesting to see what designs Tom would come up with.

    However, the ROI would not play out. Too specific to one purpose.

    It appears to me that Tom develops products for everybody for everyday use.
    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


      I doubt there's a need to replicate every bag design, particularly if it already exists, just for the sake of saying it's a Tom Bihn bag. I'm pretty certain we have many unique things in store already that we have to look forward to.

      Just my two bottlecaps...


        That's a great point, Karl. And there are many unique things in store for 2010...it's going to be a lot of fun to share them with everyone.
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          Darcy! And just when I thought I had my Christmas shopping all planned out! IOUs might be the way to go this year. :-)