The Packing Cube Shoulder bag is a terrific invention.

It has taken center stage in all my packing strategies.

It looks like I am not alone (see the thread below)

Making the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag with bottom and sides in Cordura and switching the separating wall for the pocket from Dyneema to Clear Urethane would provide the support needed to transform our wonderful flexible Packing Cube Shoulder bag to a Big Side Effect or Giant Clear Organizer Pouch with Dynemma walls or ... whatever name forum member and Tom's team can come up, cause, at the moment, I'm stumped .

I know that Clear Urethane is very good at making things sturdy and cushioned.
I have a Clear Quarter Cube and 3D Clear Organizer Cube.

The Clear Quarter Cube was bought when it first came out and it has been squished and "made to fit" in a number of occasions.
It is a staple in my Large Cafe Bags, it gets moved from one to another according to wardrobe color change.

As cute as the Side Effect is, its all Cordura body probably makes it a tad heavier than the Clear Quarter Cube, I don't know, it is one of the accessories I don't have.

But I have many Kits and I fill my Large Cafe Bag with many Clear Dyneema, Clear Cordura and Cordura pouches.
I can clearly feel the difference in weight for each pouches and my Kits are used for needlework supply storage at home as opposed to the ever moving around Clear Quarter Cube and Packing Cube Shoulder Bag.

It would be so great if a bag like that was to come to fruition.