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Rain Cover for Brain Bag

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    Rain Cover for Brain Bag

    We need a rain cover for the Brain Bag! I've brought this up before and will continue until success. I got caught out in the rain the other day and lost some important papers again because one of the zippers leaked.

    This is not a knock against the water resistance of the brain bag. It just that there's a big difference between water proof and water resistant. When you are carrying important papers that need to stay pritine, no amount of moisture is acceptable inside the bag.


    I've seen other bags designed to where the zippers have a fabric flap that covers them so water runs off instead of seeping into the zipper. Not sure why Bihn chooses to display the zippers in the wide open.



      Take a look at a picture of the Brain Bag - the zippers are covered by fabric flaps. The only zippers on our bags that aren't covered by fabric flaps are the splash-proof zippers - which don't require that because they're splash-proof.

      We hear you! This is an exceedingly rare issue - probably why it hasn't yet been addressed. Have you been re-applying Nikwax to your Brain Bag every six months? Have you tried a non-TOM BIHN rain cover for your Brain Bag?
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        Yes I keep mine nikwaxed pretty good. But it only takes one drop to make a mess.

        "Have you tried a non-TOM BIHN rain cover for your Brain Bag? "
        Now that would look very un cool! hahahaha. Yes I use a trash bag at the moment. But sometimes I forget to put a new one in my pack after I use one. Plus they aren't really reusable.



          Darcy, after I pasted the brain bag picture into an image program and lightened it up a lot, yes I see that the brain bag does have flaps.

          Bernie, maybe Glad press-n-seal or a large ziplock bag would work to protect your papers. Or perhaps a large Bihn organizer pouch?


            I use on of these in M to cover my Brain Bag. Perfectly functional.

            I am sure REI would have something similar.



              I recently bought a Small Sea to Summit SN240 Ultra-Light Siliconized Cordura Pack Cover to use with my Brain Bag. Although I use Nikwax, I have found that when caught in a downpour, water will sometimes get in my Brain Bag. I use my bike exclusively to travel around a university campus each day and get caught in the rain at times. This rain cover has worked well for me so far.