I've been trying to find a bag that meets multiple trip/use profiles and was wondering if something like this was in the works or could be made.

What I am looking for is:
1) Bag that can work as a briefcase most of the time
2) has a gussetted compartment that can expand the bag if:
a) when traveling need a little extra space
b) on longer trips, can carry extra items that don't fit in rollaboard

Given airline carry-on restrictions, it's a shame to waste the personal item on too small a bag. For weeklong trips, it's almost a requirement to put something in that bag in order to avoid checking. However, a bag that size is too big for daily use. I want to avoid switching bags from daily use, short trip and extended trips as each change of bag is a different system and that tends to increase chance of losing things, etc.

The Tristar is awfully close to what I'm looking for. What I would change is:

1) make it a 2 compartment bag rather than three by merging two adjoining compartments into one larger width one, make it gussetted so it would shrink in briefcase mode and zip open all the way to pack for travel mode.
2) make the "permanent" compartment a top zip pocket to hold netbook and other tech stuff

I'm 50/50 on whether the gussetted compartment should sit between the top zip and the backpack section or between the top zip and the stash pockets on the outside. I think that the latter approach may be slightly better as it anchors the weight of the tech stuff to the backpack section while the first approach feels more like how the current bag works.

I'd love a bag like that as it would be a briefcase for daily use but accomodate expansion for longer trips & spot duty on short trips to hold a coat/jacket when they are uncomfortable to wear (ever have a week trip that takes you to Miami and Minneapolis in the winter? that winter coat is a pain to deal with while waiting for your flight at MIA - stashing it in the bag beats dragging it around). This would allow a single system for all the briefcase components for daily use and all trip profiles.

While the Tristar may work, it forces too large a profile for a daily use bag (from what I can tell). Flattening out the packing depth with a gusset would make it perfect for daily use.

Thanks for listening and also making a great line of travel equipment.