Just ordered a new bag - Ruck's Sac and other accessories (clear organizers) to complement my Swift bag and Ego.

Ruck's Sac will be camera bag and daypack.

I use the Swift bag as a utility tote. Lunch bag and water bottle for work and as a general purpose bag for other activities.

For the Swift bag, I added carbineers to tabs(organizer rings) at sides to attach a shoulder strap. Will use the terra grip shoulder strap. The carbineers were from Home Depot, ones used for keys. I removed the cloth strap.

I'll be visiting a local store to find a way to add two additional closing straps for the top. Sometimes the items fill the bag that prevents the middle strap from being used. Looking around for something I can rivet or glue on. Have to make sure it complements the bag.

Here is my travel usage for plane trips:

Swift Bag This my personal item.
JVC Headphones
6T Brain Cell-Dell Mini 9
mini padded organizer with usb sticks
travel folder
weights at 8 lbs. I think the organizer straps are strong enough.

EGO This will go in the overhead compartment.
Tolitries bag and other small stuff

Zippered back
Horizontal freudian slip

The Ruck's Sac will contain the Snake Charmer which will contain battery charger, camera-Canon S1, and associated accessories. This way I can remove it easily for TSA inspection. Should fit since it won't be stuffed.

Aeronaut End Pocket packing cube to hold change of clothes in case luggage lost. Should fit since I won't fill the whole cube.

Result of all this is I will have three different bags to use on trips. Each having it's own capabilities depending on the day trip.

I have the Absolute Strap which I plan to use for the EGO when it is "stuffed" with things for trips or the above packing list for the airplane.