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We are considering adding a third color of our Dyneema/nylon fabric from Japan in lat

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    We are considering adding a third color of our Dyneema/nylon fabric from Japan in lat

    I saw that on twitter.
    We are considering adding a third color of our Dyneema/nylon fabric from Japan in late 2010. Opinions?

    So I pasted it there so that everyone can share their opinion in one little handy thread.

    I start.

    First. I don't mind pink or lavender Dyneema

    Second. What about teal?
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    lavender would be very nice, i think!

    i'd love to see an orange, perhaps a bit brighter than cayenne.

    the solar is a great lining color because it's bright and makes it easy to see the contents of your bag. an orange would be another nice, bright color that is great for linings.

    i would also love to see sapphire dyneema return!

    a crimson red and kelly green dyneema would be fun as [email protected] think of it - a crimson and kelly shop bag would be just too much fun for the holidays!

    so in additional to seasonal ultrasuede, i think we also need seasonal dyneema colors!



      Oh yes... another vote for the Sapphire Dyneema!
      I always thought a Crimson Dyneema would be very attractive, but I thought it had previously been mentioned that a true Red hue is difficult to achieve.

      Black, particularly black and white seems to find it's way into fashion in Japan. Maybe a Black Dyneema?


        Originally posted by maverick View Post
        i would also love to see sapphire dyneema return!
        me too, for sure!


          Black and white wouldn't be that much different from steel and white, I think. I'm partial to teal, but it isn't the most versatile tone given the bag colors we have. Ideally it ought to go with crimson and indigo. So I'm thinking that linen or some other beige-tawny earth tone would be nice, or for something brighter, peach or orange would be awesome.

          And I loved the sapphire shop bag, so sapphire would be a welcome addition.
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            For a lot of my bag usage, I really need more subtle colors. I'm very excited about the Navy/Solar synapse I've ordered, but I'm very reluctant to buy a steel Tri-star because of the solar lining. The Tri-star is a great looking bag, and I think the contrast between a lighter color and the black trim makes it look great, but I don't really want/like/feel comfortable with the bright splash of solar coming out of the open water-bottle pocket... which means that if I want to buy a toned down tri-star I'm left with black (sigh).

            I also like the idea of a lighter interior to help you find things.

            So I vote for a more neutral, light color (boring, I know) .



              One more vote for the return of Sapphire Dyneema.

              I thought about teal because I would like some Cordura teal items as well.

              This summer, I managed by using Sapphire or Storm Cafe Bags and Swift, but a nice rich teal would be just perfect.

              The best thing about teal, it goes beautifully with warm and cool colors.


                I would LOVE to see the Sapphire Dyneema return! Failing that, some other sort of blue would be good.


                  I like teal.


                    Originally posted by maverick View Post
                    lavender would be very nice, i think!

                    i'd love to see an orange, perhaps a bit brighter than cayenne.

                    We will take bright orange any way possible, inside or out! Another vote for bright orange!


                      Another vote for the sapphire. I love that particular color, and I'm with Loki on the more subtle colors.
                      Proud owner of a conifer/steel Synapse, indigo/black Swift, a couple of yarn stuff sacks, a clear organizer wallet and various organizer pouches


                        Sapphire here as well.

                        Wasn't there talk previously about a crimson or red color invariably looking pink when Dyneema-ized? And same with black, it would turn out looking gray?


                          I vote for blue...but not "sapphire blue". There is a much better shade out there.

                          We all know that Tom Bihn is headquartererd in Seattle, and I think it would be so great if they were to use their NFL football teams primary color -- called "Seahawk Blue".

                          It really is an intriguing color, one that very much invokes visions of the Pacific Northwest. Here's a link to the color sample:


                          -Matthew, San Diego


                            that color is gorgeous, and i heartily endorse it.


                              I really like Sapphire, too, and have some of the original Shop bags in this color. (And incidentally, the new larger size Shop bags are great, but the only somewhat wistful comment I got on these was, "But I really liked the color of your other Shop bags". For pictures and links to a maverick video of the Sapphire Shop Bag, see the What's in your Shop Bag thread and maverick's video on How to fold the Shop Bag.) However, if you're looking for another color that is lighter, and can be used with linings, how about bringing back periwinkle? It's actually a bit lighter in person than in that picture of the limited edition colors (upper right), and works well with other colors as diverse as cocoa and steel.