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laptop bag smaller than the ristretto

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    laptop bag smaller than the ristretto

    I feel a bit odd starting a thread because I have not completely fleshed this out, but we're all friends here. To put it simply, I am looking for a cache, covered in ballistic nylon, with a shoulder strap (maybe a zipper pocket on the front for pens and a magazine pocket on the back).

    This might seem very niche for TB and not really worth the time, but I could slip it into my SA, and take it to meetings on it's own. I am open to alternative manufacturers if I have to wait more than 3 years
    Love (strong word, I know) my Black/Steel Smart Alec

    Now I'm the one that's going to feel a bit odd, but... Vertical Brain Cell?

    - It's Cordura vs. the Ballistic nylon that you wanted
    - There's two pockets, but on the same side
    - Shoulder strap comes separate.

    But come to think of it, your topic is "laptop bag smaller than the ristretto" and the only fault I see with the Ristretto according to your specifications is that it's Cordura vs. Ballistic nylon.

    A Ballistic nylon version of either of the above should work for you, then.

    That sound about right?


      Thanks for responding Just. It helps me think a little bit more. As I think more, I seem to become pickier pickier

      Either Cordura or Ballistic would do. Good point. I was in the retail store on Thursday (Yea!), and a Brain Cell just seems to robust, and heavier than I want. Also, I don't much care for the velcro closures. They can be loud when one is late-to/sneaking-in a meeting. That said the Brain Cell is very close.

      I love the Ristretto, but want one without the big pocket. Just enough room for the laptop. That would be ideal.

      The Timbuk2 Wiki is close, but does not allow for a shoulder strap.
      Love (strong word, I know) my Black/Steel Smart Alec


        You might take a peek at the Waterfield Laptop Sleeve (sfbags.com) - it similar to a cache but can be ordered with a shoulder strap. Fits the computer well, offers good protection (not as good as brain cell but good nonetheless). Downside is that they do use velcro and it is a bit heavier than the cache.


          Thanks rabergnc. That is almost exactly what I want. Give it a buckle and I'm in business.

          That said, I am taking another look at the Brain Cell and thinking that it is the way to go (my bride hates when I waffle).
          Love (strong word, I know) my Black/Steel Smart Alec


            Cache and Large/Medium Cafe Bag

            May work for you.

            The sleeve I had for my netbook fits inside my new medium cafe bag. I didn't get the cafe bag specifically for this purpose, but it is an alternate when I don't need to carry the EGO.
            Been there. Done that. Can't remember.