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Empire Petite?

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  • Ken
    Have you looked at the ID? It shares features with the EB, but is a bit smaller and lighter. I currently use a bag about the size of th EB for daily work use, and recently purchased an ID for travel because it was a bit smaller and lighter, but still held a reasonable amount of stuff. Just a suggestion.

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  • marisa
    started a topic Empire Petite?

    Empire Petite?

    I'm looking for a bag with the organizational flair of the Empire Builder, but smaller. Actually, not so much smaller, necessarily, as lighter. I recently had foot surgery, and need to limit the heft of my bags. My laptop itself only weighs three pounds - I don't want a bag that more than doubles the weight I'm carrying.

    That said, I really love the EB, and am wondering whether you'll be offering something similiar, but smaller in the future.