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Synapse Freudian Slip

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    Synapse Freudian Slip

    On 12-20-07, on the Synapse thread (http://forums.tombihn.com/showpost.p...9&postcount=26), Tom said: "It's quite a bit too small for a vertical Freudian Slip, and since it's supposed to be more of a hiking/travel/everyday pack rather than a computery/techy pack, it probably won't get its own Freudian Slip. Though we will have to see how people use it!"

    The Synapse is my everyday bag, and I need a way to carry paper in it neatly. The usual accumulation—printouts, mail, catalogues, magazines, newspaper clippings, receipts, notebooks, unpaid bills . . .

    When I carried the Smart Alec, this paper clutter went into the Vertical Freudian Slip, directly or in file folders. I loved being able to put something in or take something out without removing the FS, or even a file folder. I need a version of it for the Synapse.

    Because the Synapse is shorter and narrower than the Smart Alec, and is not meant to be a "computery/techy pack," I suggest eliminating the miscellaneous pockets on the reverse side (which would eat into the Synapse's interior space) and making both sides capable of holding file folders.


    Hm, this is interesting. I do quite like the pockets on the side. I haven't been using the synpase heavily yet (we had anatomy lab this semester and I didn't carry much to school on me those days) so I'm not sure yet what would ultimately be more convenient. I'll be flying with it in less than a week though!

    My gut reaction is that I would not want to sacrifice the pockets for a larger interior.
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      Well, okay, I can live with the small pockets; I just want as many of the file-folder pockets as possible.


        Using a Large Pouch with a rigid poly folder or the backing of a letter size notepad keeps paper neatly together.

        I you want even more neatness, you can use various plastic envelopes the size of the paper you are transporting.

        Another way to do it is to use Medium, Small and Mini Pouches inside Large Pouches in Cordura.

        You can even slip an extra Dyneema Large Pouch in between Cordura ones if you think you need more storage but not much bulk.

        Now, I know that the Pouches have an horizontal opening which means they have to be removed from backpacks to get to the documents inside.

        This is one of the reason I have been sharing the idea of portrait or portrait/landspape openings Pouches, which would be tremendously useful in backpacks.

        I just thought that Cork Archetypes in Various size would be ideal as rigid backpack organizers.
        Below is a picture of an Archetype.

        I know that Tom could tweak them to have handles in both directions as he does so well with the luggage bags.

        In a pinch, one could use a Cache as double duty documents or laptop holder.

        I use Brain and Cafe Bags as my main, on the go, bags.

        Lately, I have been using the Aeronaute Dyneema Backpack Packing Cube as a paperwork holder to supplement a Small Cafe Bag which holds the essentials.

        Last year, at this time, I used a Brain Bag for a class and a Large Cafe Bag which held the essentials and various writing instruments.

        The Aeronaute Dyneema Backpack Packing Cube is fitted with a Large Clear Pouch and it also holds a notebook, and a junior size plastic envelope that houses 2 notepads, various small sized loose papers, pencils and such.
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          Thank you, backpack, for these splendid suggestions. They look like useful ways to carry paper. Now I must confess: It's not just the carrying, but the instant access that's important to me.

          I have been a compulsive reader since childhood, when I would read the Chex Express at breakfast. I was the kid reading while walking. I was a Lit major at school, and somehow ended up a copy editor. I always always always take something to read, in case there's dead time on the bus or subway, waiting for the bus or subway, waiting for a restaurant order or on line at the bank. With a backpack, there's the initial decision to unclip the waist and sternum straps and swing the bag around, then hold it while unzipping it. But after that, with the FS, once I was in, I was in.

          In the spirit of ex machina, I'm going to try DIY. It suddenly came to me: an FS made of Tyvek. Say, three Tyvek envelopes, nested, cut across at different heights. Maybe stiffened with a sheet of plastic or cardboard, or maybe just suspended from the o-rings. The beauty of Tyvek is that it's lightweight, it's indestructible in normal use, and it takes up no more space than its contents.


            If TB staff should read this: I think this concept could work in Dyneema. Suspended from the o-rings, it wouldn't need stiffening to hold it in place.


              This is an issue that has been near and dear to my heart almost ever since I first visited the Tom Bihn web-site some months ago. In fact, I suggested a "Freudian Folio" in another thread.

              Unlike many backpackers, I have little desire to carry my 15-inch MacBook Pro in a backpack. That's what I have a SuperEgo briefcase for. I use a backpack for much smaller (and less expensive) day-use items, like my checkbook, digital camera, walkie talkies, and papers. I seldom have a desire to take my laptop to a project site or to carry it on a hike, or to take it shopping with me. One thing I would like to have is a way to carry papers/tablet and pens, calculator, etc. with me in my backpack. Up to this point, the Synapse has not been a serious contender for me because (1: the Freduian Slips, both versions, will not fit, and (2: Bihn does not offer a padfolio paper/tablet vessel like the one I describe in my "Freudian Folio" thread mentioned above. Until someone offers something like either of those devices, a backpack like the Synapse would be at a disadvantage in meeting my needs.

              The way I'm looking at it now, the Smart Alec is only $10 more than the Synapse, offers more storage space, and fits a full-size Vertical Freudian Slip. I could even put by a Vertical Brain Cell for it if I wanted to. It would be very nice, though, if a padfolio and/or "mini slip" could be designed and offered for backpacks and shoulder bags the size of the Synapse, Imago, Ristretto, and Large Cafe. The funny thing is, if Bihn offered both a new padfolio and a mini-slip, they would likely be ideal for my needs. I might even want another padfolio for my SuperEgo.
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                Interim solution: I picked up a cheap, lightweight ripstop shopping tote at Muji and put it up against the back wall of the Synapse, then pulled the handles through the o-rings. Presto! A file folder and other items holder.


                  Update: Back at the Muji store today (buying notebooks), I found this: http://www.muji.net/store/cmdty/detail/4548718419968. It's a nylon "portable pouch," with two flat pockets on one side and a zippered pocket on the other, plus some more stuff (a zippered inside pocket; a flap with a hanging hook and a zippered mesh pocket; a removable plastic sleeve; an open end pocket and two end pen slots).

                  I don't care about the pockets—the good news is the pouch fits in both the Synapse and the Large Cafe Bag. The dimensions are roughly 12 x 7.25 x 2.5: big enough to hold my indispensable poly file folders.

                  (Cross-posted in the Wanted: Cafe Bag Organizer Inserts thread.)


                    Thanks for the information. Regarding this pouch, I assume you have to turn it on its side to fit into the Synapse? Thus the pouch contents would fall out? Curious...


                      No—it sits right in the bottom of the bag. It just fits. You should have seen me in the store, emptying the Synapse, putting in the pouch, and repacking. (A salesperson came over to ask if he could help, checking that my intentions were honorable.)

                      The hanging hook makes me think it's a toiletries bag. It was in the section with stuff sacks, sleep masks, and slippers.

                      P.S. I stand the file folders with vertical orientation. The pouch keeps papers from falling out at the bottom.
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                        Looks cool. Is it available in the U.S.? Online?


                          As of today, I don't see it listed at http://www.muji.us. I bought it at Muji Chelsea, 16 West 19th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenues) in New York City; 212 414-9024. Would they ship it from that store? No idea; might be worth a phone call. The item number is: 4548718419968. It's $28.75, before tax.

                          It seems to be offered online in the U.K. at http://www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?...ub=77&PID=4106, where it's called a cabin pouch. (I think it's the same one; no size specs available.)

                          Update: I called the store. Yes, they will ship directly from there.
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                            Wow, gmanedit, thanks for calling to get that info. I still like your original idea of a smaller Freudian slip, but this looks like a good alternative in the meantime. How heavy is it?


                              You're welcome.

                              About 6.5 ounces.

                              It's pretty neat. I have a folder in there, along with a notebook, a calendar/address book, and a personal bag (checkbook, mirror, etc.). Because it's not rigid (though structured enough to stand up by itself), you could make it work with whatever you're carrying.
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