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Idea: Camera Backpack

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    Idea: Camera Backpack

    Having just returned from a trip carrying my digital SLR and camcorder in less than optimal conditions and now searching for a better solution, I would LOVE to see how you would approach a camera and video bag. Conceptually it seems that photography equipment is not much more delicate than laptops and you've got laptop protection down to a science - any thoughts on developing these?



    I'd love to see a Tom Bihn video bag!
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      Idea: Camera Backpack

      Hey there Darcy et al...

      I've had my ID bag for about a year now, and I'm super happy with it. I've been getting back into photography recently, and it occurs to me that there's a market niche that you guys could address well.

      The old-fashioned shoulder bag for carrying cameras and lenses has been nearly replaced by camera backpacks. They're superior in every way except for quick access (maybe something you could solve).

      Probably more than half the photographers I know have a LowePro backpack of some sort--many of them the MiniTrekker AW. As it so happens, I have one myself. I'm in the market for a second backpack, so I thought I'd see if you guys make one. You should. The LowePro and Tamrac bags are good, but they're not perfect. There are also higher-end Camera backpacks out there, like Crumpler, but the logos are dorky and they lack the "serious tool" vibe that you guys can impart.

      If this is something you might consider, please feel free to contact me; we can discuss what makes a great camera pack, and I know literally dozens of other photographers who know what they like.


        Hi Shmackey!

        We are definitely very interested in making camera bags - we get a lot of requests for them.

        Tom is working on the design of lots of new products right now - a smaller version of the Super Ego, a smaller version of the Empire Builder, a maximum carry-on travel bag, the LUX and its inserts, and more - so his design plate is full.

        That said, I'd expect we'd have more time to devote to camera bag design this Winter - so please share your ideas with us. Who knows - it may help inspire Tom to start working on camera bags a little sooner.
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          Originally posted by Darcy
          That said, I'd expect we'd have more time to devote to camera bag design this Winter - so please share your ideas with us. Who knows - it may help inspire Tom to start working on camera bags a little sooner.
          I'd love a small camera shoulder bag that would just be big enough for 1 camera body, 1-2 lenses, a flash and a small notebook. Most camera bags have far too much padding. I don't need my walking-around bag to be able to be checked on an airplane.

          I'd also like a slash pocket on the back that's big enough to hold a magazine or small book and both a zipper to close the top and a velcro flap in case I need easy access. I'd also wish for a strap on the bag that won't slip around (i.e. something that's better than the strap on my beloved cafe bag).

          I've had such a hard time finding a camera bag to suit my needs that I got ahold of a Domke F-5xb (http://www.tiffen.com/domkecat08.htm) and added a full length open pocket to the back and small pockets on either side. It's a great bag but I still prefer the feel of my Bihn bags.


            Camera case

            I'd like to get a fitted camera case made out of the canvas material used for the cafe bags....a case similar to the leather cases that used to be a standard accessory with a new camera. I carry my camera (Nikon D70s) in my cafe bag and don't need another bag over my shoulder. Please?