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Fascinating blog [on travel, using the Aeronaut]

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  • TdeF
    Good for her!

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    People often make major changes in their lives @ 30, 40, 50 and 60 years of age. I'm not sure why, but "0" is a very powerful number.

    This women ditched the corporate life at 40 y/o.

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  • bagman
    Cool... interesting excerpt from that blog...

    The luggage system on the Zanzibar ferry is a bit primitive. It works like this: anything too large to carry with you in the cabin is left dockside where a team of loaders passes it in a human chain up to the front deck of the boat. Once everything is loaded they tie a tarp over the pile and set off. At the other end the tarp is removed and another human chain passes each bag down off the boat to the dock where your only choice is to push your way through the crush of people to grab your things as they’re passed down.

    Or at least that’s how things are supposed to work. In my case, on the way back from Zanzibar, it works like this:

    The bag – in this case my trusty Aeronaut – is passed to a less-that-capable link in the chain who fails to grasp it properly and drops it into the Indian Ocean. Then the crowd gasps, and I look on in horror, and other members of the chain frantically fish it out and hand it over to me, apologizing profusely. I snarl “Thanks”, filling the word with such vitriol that it drips as much as my bag, and start pushing my way through the crowd to get out while seawater soaks into my shirt from the sodden straps of the bag. It’s at this moment that a taxi driver decides I’m a prime candidate for his service and asks, “Where do you want to go?” Without even looking back I bark, “I want to go somewhere they won’t drop my fucking bag in the ocean!!!” He wisely backs off, as does everyone else in my way. (Note to self: Appearing to be dangerously unstable and on the verge of violence is an efficient way to get through a crowd.)

    Safely back with the rest of the group my hands literally shake with rage (and adrenalin, probably) as I try to open the locks on my bag to assess the damage. Remarkably, it’s not bad. The Aeronaut is supposed to be pretty much waterproof, though I suspect that claim doesn’t extend to dunking because there’s some water in each compartment. I think most of it got in through the small space between the zipper pulls, so the damage is minimal. Clothing and gear is a bit wet, but the only real concern is my external hard drive.

    Later that night I hang clothing out to dry and spread out gadgets and knick-knacks and turn the Aeronaut inside-out. The next day it’s all fine, and I test the hard drive and it’s fine too. And I pack it all away and carry on.

    And that’s how the luggage system on the Zanzibar ferry works.

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  • Shiva
    started a topic Fascinating blog [on travel, using the Aeronaut]

    Fascinating blog [on travel, using the Aeronaut]

    Hey folks:

    Came upon this blog and I thought it was fascinating. Pam uses the Aeronaut, and seems to be having a great time globe trotting. Not sure if she has posted on the forum or not, but this seems like something that folks here would love to read!