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Idea for a Bag to carry a Netbook and notebook

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    Idea for a Bag to carry a Netbook and notebook

    A bag to carry a netbook and a paper notebook

    This idea may become obsolete very quickly when Tom finally reveals the new fieldbook, but nevertheless, here it is.

    For a long time now I have wanted a slim, robust and stylish carrier for a notebook or 3-ring binder, that would also carry a netbook or small laptop.

    This might seem contradictory, but we just haven’t managed to completely get beyond paper. Despite our best efforts to make everything digital, we still wind up carrying all sorts of notes, brochures, files and maps printed on paper, along with our computers. And paper still is a very attractive medium for drawing, note-taking and planning. When I carry a full-sized bag or briefcase, there is plenty of room for a laptop and all sorts of paper, books and other stuff. But a full-sized bag is heavy and cumbersome. Lots of times, I want to be lighter, but still need to carry a mixture of paper and computer.

    Many years ago, I bought a nylon carrier for a 3-ring notebook from a company that mainly makes supplies for the military and law enforcement (don’t ask, I was young and stupid and hadn’t discovered Tom Binh yet). It held the notebook (or a notepad) ‘like a book’, and zipped closed on three sides. It also, and this is crucial, had a handle to be carried by hand, and two rings, to be carried on a shoulder strap. I often carried this to meetings, classes and other places where I had to take notes, but didn’t want to take the full briefcase. And it fit within my larger briefcase or bag, so it was also a good way to separate two different jobs or projects. I still use it occasionally, but I usually don’t dare to put a computer in it, since there is no padding.

    So here is my idea: a notebook carrier with a padded section for a small laptop or netbook. I leave the ultimate design up to Tom’s genius. Maybe it could be made so that a removable laptop sleeve could be attached to the outside. Maybe it would be better to have the sleeve on the inside. I would want it to be made so that the notebook/pad section could be used with the sleeve attached (meaning that there would need to be a way to accommodate both “lefties” and “righties”.) And please, I would want something which would hold both 8½ x 11 and A4 sized paper (because some of us swing both ways.…).


    It looks like the Western Flyer or the Ristretto would be great for you.

    They are two different designs, one is a checkpoint friendly briefcase, one is an everyday bag.

    Find the Brain Cell at TOM BIHN. Our laptop accessories are sewn in USA with the best materials and perfected with 40+ years of design experience.

    Above is the link to Tom Bihn Laptop Bag/Cases page.

    You could check them out and ask more question about your favorites, here, in the forum.

    Depending of what bag strikes your fancy you will find out more about real life owners, right here.

    I have a couple of Brain Bags and Cafe Bags regular bags that I use with Tom Bihn computer protective Bags that were made before the Vertical Brain Cell and the Cache came out.

    It works for me because sometimes all I carry is letter/ A4 or legal size paperwork , books and other things but no computer.

    Other times, I streamline paperwork to the essentials and use the bags to carry digital gizmos.


      I would think the Buzz would work well to do this too?
      Though I have not seen one in person,the notebook could go where the bag is designed for it to go and the Netbook in front of it.
      A Cafe Bag would be another obvious streamlined choice.

      I often carry a Samsung Netbook with either a 13" Macbook Pro or a Giant Toughbook CF30 in the same compartment of the same bag.
      In fact in the Super Ego I can easily carry both standing on end if I like next to each other instead of front to back. I just would not refer to the S.E. as "Slim" carrier to many people.

      I can also get the two front to back sideways in any bag I have almost and front to back on the sides into any upright bag.

      The great thing about the Netbooks is they really are tiny.
      The Samsung I have came with a zippered neoprene case that prevents scratching and is slim and I will either have the Macbook in a Sleeve case by "Others" or the Toughbook in no case at all.
      I would put the Toughbook inside another case to prevent it from hurting anything else but it is already freakishly huge.

      I also carry my Fujitsu P1620 Touchscreen small laptop easily like this and it is at least twice as thick as any netbook inside its "in-use" field case.

      Maybe I have a computer problem AND a Bag problem?!?



        When I was working (now retired), I carried both a TB Imago and medium Cafe bag. Today, my needs are much less, so my every carry bag is a small TB Cafe bag. BTW, TB Cafe bags make very nice gifts...always a big hit b/c you can't find these bags in local stores, not to mention the great design and quality.
        Tom Welch > Mesa, Arizona, USA

        Travel Lite & Smart