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5 Bags and counting...

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    5 Bags and counting...


    I'm probably undertaking a "preaching to the choir" effort with this post, but I just wanted to drop a little note of appreciation/thanks that there is a quality, USA made producer like TB available in the bag/accessory market.

    I recently started a new consulting job (in the Info/Tec project management field) which translates into: Carrying everything you need for work with you, everywhere you go. At the time, I was the proud owner of a Medium and Large Café Bag as well as the Generation 1 Ristretto (which I used to carry my Dell laptop at a previous job, as well as my personal Samsung n120 netbook on the weekends). The problem with my new job was twofold: 1—I needed more storage capacity from my daily commuter bag, as I do not leave my computer at work anymore, and 2—It is a Lenovo T400, which is the largest laptop I’ve ever owned, and did not fit any of my current cadre of Tom Bihn (or previous maker) bags.

    After a bit of research, (and measuring, and re-measuring)—I ordered the TB ID bag, with a cache insert & Absolute Strap. The ID arrived this past Monday, and I just have to say—WOW. First off, I wasn’t sure I wanted a “larger duty” daily carry bag, but the ID is just beautiful. From the organizer pouches, to the removable accessories (since I didn’t need the Brain Bag, it is nice to be able to remove the locking hardware), to the suede-lined electronics nook, to the collapsible bottle pouch, to the numerous “o” rings… I’m just blown away with the amount of thought, planning, and quality execution that went into making this bag the beauty that it is. It turned my “oh crap, I have to carry all of this stuff around with me” moment into a “look at the sweet new ride all of my daily gear gets to ride in” moment.  I could go on for another 3 pages on the absolute strap, so I won’t… but if anyone out there is on the fence as to whether it is worth an additional $30… my left shoulder will be quick to tell you: It’s a steal.

    One other item of note…. I also purchased the Side Effect with my most recent order. I will post pictures soon, but I wanted a small wallet/keys/multi-tool/phone bag to permanently live on my Mountain Bike. I have a Topeak gear rack on the back of my bike (which has this nifty, spring-clamping rack on it) and my Side Effect slips snugly, but perfectly around the clamp via the rear fabric strip that hides the waist clips when not in use. Not easy to describe, but the pictures will make it all clear. At any rate—yet again, the quality of the TB bag and its unique design win again.

    So, current count: Large Cafe, Medium Cafe, Ristretto, ID, Side Effect. (I'm not even going to count the straps, organizer and accessory pouches.)

    Thank you TB for continuing to exceed my expectations!

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    You can find the pictures of how I am using the Side Effect on my bike rack here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

    Apologies for the blur on some images--I was fighting with my camera's flash.