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Observations on the Kindle 2 Cork Pouch

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    Observations on the Kindle 2 Cork Pouch

    First I love it because, well, it's cork!! But at the same time, not so much because there is no padding/protection for the screen side of the reader. I added a cut down piece of one of those el cheapo plastic floppy cutting boards with micro-foam glued to one side in order to ad rigidity to the pouch as well as a bit of padding and the hard surface to distribute any direct impact to the screen side of the pouch.

    Most eink panels break.crack from torsional (twisting) of the panel rather than direct impacts. Sill I wanted to reduce that chance as well. So I added the cut down plastic from the cutting board along with the cushioning afforded by the micro-foam, I forget but I believe the foam I use is 3/16" thick though it could be 1/4". I plan on wrapping it in some sort of nice soft material soon but for now it's workable.

    I am also planning to add another piece taken from the cutting board to the other side once I have the material to cover the padded side simply to add a bit more rigidity to the pouch in the event I am forced to put it inside whatever bag I am carrying.

    That brings me to the observation I came to upon seeing then using the cork pouch, there is no protection for crush or impacts nor twisting if placed inside your bag. I attach mine to the outside of whatever bag I happen to be carrying so torsional protection for me is minimal. However the crush/impact protection is important, hence the cut down cutting board material and micro-foam.

    I will add that while I really enjoy the look of the cork pouch, I feel it could offer at least as much protection as the current padded pouch. Even better would be a pouch designed with the vulnerable eink panel in mind considering none of out 3rd party Kindle covers will easily fit inside. Plus I prefer not to use a book-style cover because it makes the reader harder for me to hold while the other half, she prefers the binder-style cover for her Kindle.

    Now for my Pocketbook 5" reader, it has an integrated rigid cover so the cork pouch works perfectly and I have zero concerns with it inside the cork pouch.

    I read on the Kindle pouch page that Tom is working on more covers/pouches for Kindles. Obviously there will be some for the DX but I suspect there will also be some binder-style zip up style covers as well. I would like to offer the suggestion of a cover that, rather than open binder-style, it opens using a cover that is a tablet flip-over-the-top style that secures flat with a magnet connection and/or the ability to setup as an A-frame easel stand since when using the K2 in TTS mode (text-to-speech mode) I turn the volume almost completely down then as each page is read, the page automagically turns so it is a way to use the K2 on many books so it automagically changes pages for hands-free operation. Of course this mode drains the battery faster but for reading at lunch or something, it's a wonderful way to go.

    My idea for the flip-over-the-top design is simple, my hands are problematic. Even to the point that the K2 itself is too thin many days and holding it is a chore and many times, impossible. But with the minimal thickness of the flip-over design I could not only get the rigid screen protections but also some added thickness w/o sacrificing easy one handed operation which is all but lost with the binder-style cases. I would also like some sort of grippy material on the inside of the front flap, maybe even a sorta hook-n-loop material that can be combined with an optional hand-strap that takes the weight out of the fingers and distributes it more evenly across the palm, reducing strain on the fingers and knuckles.

    I am not sure I gave an adequate description of what I would find more useful in such a pouch, though I hope I explained this well enough to make sense. Plus I find the current pouch just wonderful with just a couple simple DIY mods of my own to add some piece of mind when I am carrying the K2 over the Pocketbook 360 (far and away my favorite reader) that day.

    I just got a Kindle, and I ordered the cork pouch as well. While I love the material, I knew it would be thinner than the padded pouch. So, I also ordered a THIN leather cover off eBAY (here's the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Mivizu-Amazon-...7938553&sr=8-3)

    It fits in the cork pouch and provides a little more sturdiness. It's working well for me so far!