Since I've had such great luck on this forum before in getting outstanding advice, I thought I'd try again.

When my crew goes out for a weekend shoot, we may have as many as three shows to tape, each with three camera angles, and as many as 4 hours of miniDV tapes from each angle. Plus we may have as many as 2 tapes of interviews, vignettes, and promo shots from each show. This means that when we head out for a weekend we need to take 40 to 50 miniDV tapes along with us.

And, over the course of the weekend we need to be able to keep them organized as to which tapes have already been used for which shows, etc. We would also like to carry a variety of pens and markers for labeling tapes, head cleaners, lens cleaners, etc. all in the same bag.

We've been getting by with a big clear plastic tub that my mother donated to the cause (it was actually a pretty bad solution, but hey, it was mom's gift). That semi-worked until Rick Steiner put Sting through the table that the tub was sitting underneath. Now we have a good excuse to buy a replacement bag.

Being a fairly recent Tom Bihn convert, I'd like to find another superb Tom Bihn bag that can be coerced into filling our needs. Any suggestion would be appreciated.